NASBA approved an amendment to the UAA, allowing state boards to extend the CPA Exam pass window from 18 months to up to 30 months, giving candidates up to an extra 12 months to pass all four parts once they pass their first section. This is independent from the one-time, 18-month extension for outstanding sections on Jan. 1, 2024. NASBA also redefined the start of the pass window to the date the scores are released and not the date the candidate sat for the CPA Exam. Both of these changes are advantageous to CPA candidates and will give them more time and flexibility to complete their journeys to becoming CPAs.

What does this mean today?

In short, nothing until individual state boards adopt the amendment. It is not effective yet and will have to be adopted on a state-by-state basis. NASBA will allow reciprocity across states for practicing CPAs for states that move the windows from 18 to 30 months, but it is the responsibility of the state board to agree to the longer window.

Remember, if you passed a section after July 1, 2022, you will get an 18-month extension until June 2025 with NASBA’s one-time extension driven by CPA Evolution. Unfortunately, if you have a section that expires between now and 2024, you might not get to take advantage of the rule change if your state board is slow to adopt the amendment or does so only on a prospective basis. If you have additional questions, please contact your state board of accountancy.