CIA Discount Codes

Below you will find a list of current discount codes available for Surgent CIA Review – including the complete course. Note that not all codes are applicable to all products. All expiration dates for discount codes stated elsewhere (on emails, on our website, or in mailed pieces) apply. Codes may not be combined or applied to previously purchased orders.

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Offer: Switch to Surgent and save $175 on Essentials Pass

Coupon Code: CIASWE

Applies To: CIA Essentials Pass

Overview: Used a CIA Review Course in the past and didn’t succeed? You can save money when you switch to Surgent. All uses of this code will require proof of prior review course purchase.

Offer: Get Started Offer (15% off)


Applies To: All Complete Courses

Offer: Get started for as low as $17 (for a single section) or $44 (for a 3-part course)

Coupon Code: No coupon code needed!

Applies To: CIA Essentials Pass

Overview: Split your purchase into 3, 6, or 12 easy monthly payments with Affirm. Rates from 0-30% APR.

Offer: Government/Military/Veteran discount (25% off)

Coupon Code: Please call (877) 721-3565 or email to take advantage of this special offer.

Applies To: All Complete Courses

Overview: All active duty members, reserve military personnel, veterans, and government employees are eligible for a 25% discount on a full Surgent Exam Review course. Please contact our customer service team to verify your eligibility.