The path to passing the CPA Exam might be shorter than you think! With Surgent CPA Review, you can pass the exam in significantly less time than you would with other exam review providers. While some other CPA Review courses suggest that you study for more than 200 hours per exam section, Surgent students have succeeded in just 89 hours for all four parts, on average. That means you could pass the entire CPA Exam in the same amount of time it takes candidates using other review courses to pass just one section.

Your path to success

Surgent’s educational experts, who have been helping candidates become CPAs for more than 25 years, have created a roadmap to help you pass your CPA Exam in as little time as possible. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the exam’s structure. Every aspiring CPA knows that the CPA Exam consists of four distinct parts, all of which must be passed within an 18-month window. The order in which you study these parts can significantly impact your success.

Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)

  • The FAR exam is the most comprehensive and, students report, most challenging part of the CPA Exam, which is why we recommend getting it out of the way first. 
  • The topics tested in FAR, such as GAAP, commonly appear in the other three parts.

Audit and Attestation (AUD)

Study for AUD immediately after FAR.

  • The AUD exam includes questions on GAAP.
  • The FAR prepares you to handle the GAAP questions on AUD.
  • AUD also is the most text-heavy and allows you to focus more on concepts and less on calculations.

Regulation (REG)

Study for REG next.

  • Once you complete GAAP, you can reorient your focus to tax-focused financial statements and reporting.

Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)

Finally, prepare for the BEC.

  • BEC tests general business knowledge related to Finance, Economics, Cost/Managerial Accounting, Information Technology and Corporate Governance.
  • BEC focuses on numerous AUD topics, including internal controls from the viewpoint of management, as opposed to the viewpoint of the auditor.
  • BEC contains a written component, which can include topics from any of the four parts of the CPA Exam. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take the BEC exam last.

CPA Evolution

The CPA Exam is changing in 2024! Check out our resource to help you strategize for the new exam and understand the transition process.

Tips to pass in three months

With Surgent CPA Review, passing the entire CPA Exam in three months is achievable. While many CPA Review courses tout adaptive learning, they encourage learners to go through each course section, regardless of the learner’s background knowledge. In doing so, learners unnecessarily spend nearly 200 hours reviewing information they already know.

Surgent CPA Review’s proprietary adaptive software, A.S.A.P.® Technology, measures what learners already know, providing them with content they need to master. This individualized approach puts students on the fastest path to becoming a CPA.

Study on the go

Surgent’s “Daily Surge” cards deliver customized reading material and multiple-choice question sets. Our adaptive learning algorithm selects these cards based on your personal study progress.

Fill in knowledge gaps

Surgent’s MyMCQ™ technology delivers content aligned to your specific knowledge gaps. It adjusts the difficulty level of the questions based on your level of proficiency.

Know when you are ready

Surgent’s ReadySCORE™ tracks your progress from the end assessment through the review, calculating an updated score estimate in real-time.

Set a schedule for success

Consistent effort paves the way for success. This sample study schedule illustrates how you might effectively prepare for the CPA Exam with fewer than eight study hours per week.

Note: The sample schedule below is for reference only. Utilize ReadySCORE™ to gauge your exam readiness properly.

Now that you know how to pass in three months, let’s get started!