If you choose wisely, a CPA Exam tutor can help you pass the exam quickly and reduce how much material you study. But to find the best tutor, it’s important to understand the different types available. Traditional CPA Exam tutors simply help you understand subject matter. They will break down difficult concepts and answer your questions. On the other hand, the best tutors will improve your study habits and help you become a better test-taker. When you focus on test-taking strategies (rather than subject matter), you will: 

  • Gain exam day confidence and reduce the anxiety that causes mistakes 
  • Make the most out of the knowledge you already have, reducing the need to learn new concepts 
  • Ultimately study less and improve your chances of passing on the first attempt 

Let’s break down some popular CPA Exam tutoring options and what they have to offer.

Tutors included with your CPA Exam course

Several CPA Exam review courses include coaches and tutoring packages. Take a closer look at what Surgent, Becker and Gleim offer.  

Surgent CPA Exam coaches  

Surgent CPA Review offers 3-5 coaching sessions per exam section. These sessions are included in Premier and Ultimate Pass.  

Rather than reviewing concepts and course material, Surgent exam coaches are there to help you learn how to study and test smarter 

Coaches will help you:  

  • Develop study skills to increase the power of your study sessions 
  • Determine your weaknesses  
  • Build your testing focus and endurance  
  • Learn how to guess and when to skip  
  • Beat exam anxiety  

“My coach was the only thing that got me through the brutal initial study phases! By the end, I went into every exam believing I knew enough to get a 75 and walked out feeling like I had passed. I knew that what I studied was relevant and that Surgent exposed me to exactly what I needed to know.”    

– Ellie C., CPA  

If you’re looking for support in understanding the course material, Surgent also includes email access to subject matter experts. Here, you can ask questions that reference course questions and material. To use this feature, send your questions to editorial@surgent.com 

Here’s what else you can expect: 

  • Save hundreds of study hours with adaptive technology, which hones in on your weaknesses and optimizes in real time. 
  • Guided sessions take the admin work out of studying. Surgent guides you along your fastest path, showing you exactly what you need to study each day. 
  • Rely on a 92% pass rate and a 100% money-back guarantee 

Taking advantage of Surgent’s adaptive technology and coaching options is your best chance for success with the CPA Exam.

Becker CPA Exam tutors  

Becker CPA Exam Review offers a one-hour call as an add-on, or five one-hour tutoring sessions as part of their Pro package. These calls include guidance on difficult questions and course material.  

Unlike Surgent coaches, Becker tutors are more focused on helping you with difficult concepts than test-taking strategies. It’s up to you to find your weaknesses and reach out for help on specific questions. 

Gleim CPA Exam private coaches  

Gleim Exam Prep includes private exam coaching as part of their Premium and Traditional packages. These private coaches are a basic support system helping you use the CPA test prep software.   

They can help you:  

  • Build an initial study schedule  
  • Use the software and study planner features  
  • Answer questions about the exam structure and help you choose which order to take sections (BEC, REG, AUD and FAR).

Other CPA Exam tutor options  

If you are looking to supplement your studies with a private tutor, there are also plenty of options available. In fact, you can probably find a local tutor to meet with you in person. Here are some popular tutoring services and a breakdown of what you can expect. 

Varsity Tutors  

Varsity Tutors is a general tutoring service that offers guidance for many exams. They offer one-on-one tutoring at an hourly rate, bundles of sessions and small group classes.   

Because there is an extensive network of tutors, you may be able to find local options. It’s up to you to screen a pool of qualified tutors to find your match.  

For the CPA Exam, offerings include:  

  • A customized study plan  
  • Test-taking strategies  
  • Collaborative learning in group settings 
  • A variety of teaching styles from licensed CPAs 

Varsity Tutors offers a 100% money-back guarantee, but pass rates are unknown.   

Parliament Tutors  

Like Varsity Tutors, Parliament Tutors is a general tutoring service with CPA options. You can choose to get matched with a tutor or look through the selection on your own.  

Parliament’s CPA program includes:  

  • Help with understanding the depth, breadth and structure of the CPA Exam  
  • Help understanding the exam topics and important concepts  
  • Guidance to build effective study skills  

Parliament Tutors does not mention a money-back guarantee or pass rate, so be sure to read reviews and carefully screen your tutor. 

Tutor the People 

Tutor the People is similar to Parliament and Varsity, but they take their screening process a step further. Tutor the People takes the tutors’ personal scores on each CPA Exam section into consideration. 

This CPA Exam tutoring service includes: 

  • A free preliminary hour with your purchase 
  • A customized study plan 
  • Both a tutor and academic strategist to fully prepare you 

Like the other tutoring website options, Tutor the People does not mention a pass rate or guarantee.

Are CPA tutors worth it?  

To decide if a tutor is worth your money, consider how much your time is worth. Are you willing to risk putting in study hours and failing the exam?  

Think of your CPA Exam tutor as a safeguard against burnout, discouragement and missing exam questions due to careless errors.  

To ensure you go with your best-fit tutoring options, follow these steps:  

  • Decipher the difference between tutors who give you testing strategies vs. those who teach you subject matter  
  • Read reviews and understand what to expect  
  • Determine your learning style 
  • Look into pass rates to gauge success levels  

Prices and tutoring packages vary, but ultimately your time is worth the tutoring fees if they can help you with the process!  

Should you rely on an exam prep course in addition to a tutor? 

Anyone can benefit from the right exam prep course, but the best CPA review courses go beyond traditional study materials. In addition to multiple-choice questions, simulations, practice exams and textbooks, they should also include personalized planning features and score prediction. 

Do you know what you would score if you were to take a section of the CPA Exam today? Based on the practice questions in your course, Surgent CPA Review predicts your score in real time. That means you’ll always know when you’re ready to take an exam section. CPA Exam candidates love the peace of mind that comes with score prediction. 

Private CPA tutoring can give you an edge. When paired with the right exam prep, you’ll become unstoppable.

Ready to start studying for the CPA Exam?  

Surgent CPA Review can help you find your starting point and guide you through your fastest path to pass.   

Exam coaches are there to help CPA candidates every step of the way with Premier and Ultimate Pass. You’ll access a personalized plan, key test-taking strategies and study habits to get you ahead.   

As a full-time professional, see how Surgent CPA Review can give you back time and restore balance in your life. Start your free trial today!