“I have used Surgent as far back as I can remember…

For the record, I receive many solicitations from other CPE webinar producers, at a much lower cost. I have used Surgent as far back as I can remember, always looking for their live seminars prior to the technology of webinars in the convenience of the office. Your webinars are always informative and accurate, and the speakers reflect their knowledge of the subject. Keep up the good work.”

Steve Herman, CPA

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Students use customized prep courses for all major accounting and credentialing exams.

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Business partnerships enable learning and development for staff members at each stage of their careers.


Over 300 colleges and universities integrate exam prep coursework into their accounting and business programs.


When other courses fail to deliver, turn to us. We offer a discounted rate on exam reviews to those who switch.


We will help you start your careers. In addition, we offer discounts for students who are currently in school.


We partner with a range of national and state societies to offer additional support to our members.


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Get personalized study plans to suit your schedule, your skills and your learning style.

Our personalized Exam Review course identifies what you need to study, allowing you to focus on learning what you need to know to pass the exam.

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Our catalog of certification courses is designed to offer digital, hands-on learning experiences to students and professionals looking to take their careers to the next level.