Surgent Interactive is Surgent’s new line of short, immersive, game-based continuing education courses.

Expand skill sets

Identify skill gaps, then sharpen skills through immersive, engaging activities.

Stimulate critical thinking

Develop professional critical thinking skills and transfer that knowledge to your day-to-day work.

Learn while having fun

Participate in engaging, hands-on courses that help you attain skills that propel you to success.

Have fun learning with game-based CPE courses

Take a quick continuing education course focused on tax, audits, business management and more with our Surgent Interactive game-based CPE series. The fun, interactive games feel more like fun than work – but you’ll still earn CPE credits. Check out a preview, and then try our full suite of interactive courses.

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Interactive Courses

Max the Tax

Max the Tax is a series of up-to-date, engaging courses that help individuals learn best practices when interviewing tax preparation clients and using gleaned information appropriately to adjust tax returns. The courses’  hands-on approach to taxation helps learners grasp the concepts needed to be effective and successful.

Surging Auditors

Surging Auditors helps individuals accurately audit companies, with an emphasis on sharpening inventory procedures, professional skepticism and ethical decision-making processes. This series of courses expose learners to real-world simulations and properly prepares them for the modern workplace.

Business Development

These courses teach individuals essential business development tactics, including new-client acquisition and growing your referral network. Other topics include time management, working remotely and more. Develop your “softer” skills and learn to grow your business.

“Excellent as always. The best CPE courses anywhere.”

— Shelley

Dive in to Data

Get started building on your data analysis skills today with our Core Data Analytics course.

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