Phase 1 Assessment

Step 1: Assessment

You will complete pretests featuring questions pulled from exam content areas. Your answers enable our software’s algorithm to identify areas of strength and need, and build a learning path personalized for you.

Surgent exam review - ASAP Technology phase 2

Step 2: Study

Unlike other courses, we don’t suggest that you watch every video, read every textbook or follow the same path that other students are following. Instead, we eliminate the content you already know, guiding you through a hyper-customized study plan.

Phase 3 Simulation

Step 3: Test Practice

Practice makes progress! Practice exams include the same tools and features as the actual exam, including timing, which helps candidates refine their time-management skills. Once you reach this phase, watch your ReadySCORE™. ReadySCORE estimates what you’d score if you took the exam that day, updating in real time.

Phase 4 Practice

Step 4: Test Time

Go into your exam confident that you’ve prepared with the most effective review courses on the market. You’ve got this! Guaranteed. (Really!)