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All Surgent exam prep includes a fully personalized, adaptive learning experience. Study smarter and pass your exam faster than with competitors – take a look at how Surgent stacks up.

A.S.A.P.® Technology

Our award-winning adaptive technology reduces study time and gives learning an intuitive feel. Software algorithms analyze scoring patterns to determine your proficiency in each topic.


ReadySCORE™ lets you know exactly when you’re ready to stop studying and take the exam. Walk into your exam feeling less anxious and more confident you’ll pass.

Pass Guarantee

Pass the first time, or you get your money back! Our exam review materials empower students with all the information they need to be prepared on exam day. Guaranteed.

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CPA Exam Review

Surgent CPA is the best CPA Exam review course according to several independent review sites, including Crush the CPA Exam, CPA Exam Guy, Beat the CPA, and Accounting Institute. Surgent CPA is also a recipient of the Silver Stevie Award by American Business Awards and named Accounting Today’s Top New Product.

As you begin your CPA Exam journey, you’ll want to choose the CPA prep course that best fits your needs. We’ve put together this guide of providers to help you select a course that suits your learning style.


All-inclusive pricingAll parts of the course and all materials includedNo
Unlimited practice examsYesNo
Student-friendly payment optionsWe offer 3-, 6- or 12-month payment plans through Affirm. Rates from 0–36% APR. Learn more.Some providers do not provide payment plans, while others offer payment plans with APRs ranging from 10–36%.
Complete access until you passNo strings attached access until you pass, including updated online course materials at no additional charge.Varies by provider
Money-back guaranteeIf you’re unsatisfied with our course, we’ll provide a full refund (see terms & conditions).No
Up to $1,000 discount for anyone who failed with another providerYesNo
Predictive learning technology proven to save 50+ hours per exam partYesSome providers claim to offer adaptive learning; however, the technology (and the results) are not comparable.
Short, frequently updated video lectures350+ bite-sized video lectures (10-20 min. long), updated quarterly to reflect the most recent changesNo
Task-based simulationsYes – including the new DRS formatYes
Includes AICPA recently released questionsYes – 8,000+Yes
Flash cardsYes – free mobile flashcard app containing 2,200+ CPA Exam terms & definitions.Yes, but not free. Prices range from $99–$179.
Adaptive study plannerYes – adapts to your performance: calculates study hours based on your test data & study performance and includes personalized ReadySCORENo
Dedicated instructor supportYes, included at no charge.Available for a fee from select providers. Not available for others.
Average study hours per exam part46 hours**Over 200 hours***
Interactive dashboard with personalized exam readiness indicatorProvides updated visual snapshot of exam readiness by exam categoryNo
Personal onboarding supportYesNo
Mobile AppYesYes
Free updatesYes – until you passOnly before expiration for most providers
Customer ServiceLive chat, email and phone support with dedicated accounting coaches. Plus, Ultimate Customer support — guaranteed one business day response to content and technical issues — included with Ultimate Pass.Varies by provider

**This comparison includes publicly available information about Becker, Roger and Wiley CPAexcel courses.

***Based on actual observed study time for Surgent CPA Review course; for other leading providers, the estimated average study time was based on each provider’s recommended study plan.

Independent research

We know independent reviews are the best for CPA candidates because it gives them a fair idea of whether or not a review course will work for them. Independent, third-party reviewers consistently list Surgent as one of the best CPA Exam review courses. We’ll discuss the highlights of these reviews and include the related link so you can see what each site says about Surgent.

Crush the CPA Exam

Bryce Welker started Crush the CPA Exam to help candidates find the best review course to help them pass. For several years now, he has given Surgent CPA Review top marks as one of the best CPA review courses in the market.

Specifically, Crush the CPA Exam likes that Surgent’s content is consistently updated, and you have access to the course until you pass. The adaptive learning technology is also a highlight in his review. However, the part about Surgent Crush the CPA Exam loves most is that you learn while practicing multiple-choice questions, and there are detailed explanations for wrong answers. The five-star review and comparison to other courses show that Surgent is one of the best, no matter your study type.

I Pass the CPA Exam

Stephanie Ng started I Pass the CPA Exam after her boss challenged her to pass each of the four sections of the CPA Exam on the first try. After studying with other review courses, Stephanie sought to help candidates determine which CPA Exam review course would work best with their personal learning styles.

Stephanie outlines three reasons why candidates should pick Surgent CPA Review, saying, “The course is tailored to your strengths and weaknesses,”It’s the only course that offers an exam readiness indicator,” and “The lectures are taught by dedicated professors who teach candidates what they need to know to pass. These are just a few reasons I Pass the CPA Exam ranks Surgent CPA Review #1.

CPA Exam Guy

CPA Exam Guy’s Team is there to help you learn about the best test-taking strategies and study materials to come out on top of the CPA Exam. They give Surgent CPA Review a five-out-of-five-star rating and remark, “Their ReadySCORE technology is far and away the most impressive on the market.”

They love that Surgent has the most experienced instructors in the industry (the ones behind our videos and one-on-one coaching) and enjoy the adaptive learning technology. Also, just like Crush the CPA Exam, CPA Exam Guy notes the unlimited access to study materials until you pass as a pro of Surgent CPA Review.

Beat the CPA

Jess of Beat the CPA has distilled everything she learned from her own exam experience into this site, with constant updates as the exam and exam materials change. She gave Surgent CPA Review a five-out-of-five-stars rating and listed it as one of the best CPA review courses of 2020. Beat the CPA is impressed with Surgent’s A.S.A.P.®  Technology, specifically with ReadySCORE™. They give Surgent a positive review of the course’s individualized, tailor-made study plans and customizable options. Their overall view of the course notes it’s excellent for CPA candidates who have busy schedules (like candidates working full-time) and need a course that will help them pass efficiently.

Accounting Institute for Success

The Accounting Institute for Success (AIS) wants to help CPA candidates take control of the exam process and pass the exam on their first try. They want to help candidates pass the exam without having to put their entire lives on hold. The Accounting Institute gives Surgent five out of five stars, writing, “Surgent is a great option for students looking to ace the CPA Exam and start their career the right way. The instructors are all highly qualified, and the entire course is backed by top-of-the-line adaptive learning technology, all packaged in a user-friendly and highly compatible format.”

The AIS notes that Surgent has one of the most robust analytic packages of any course on the market, providing accurate results throughout the course when compared to the actual CPA Exam. Like all of the other independent reviewers, the AIS lists Surgent’s access until you pass as one of the best features of the course, along with the Predictive AI Technology. Surgent’s customer service is also high on their list of pros for the course.

Comparing leading CPA course providers

Wiley CPA Review

Wiley’s CPAexcel® Review course uses score comparisons to successful CPA Exam candidates to help you assess your progress as you study for the exam. However, the software isn’t truly adaptive. While Surgent’s software continually adapts to your progress throughout the course, starting from the Assessment phase, Wiley CPAexcel Review creates performance metrics that need to be self-assessed and self-corrected throughout the course. Wiley CPAexcel Review also has a static study planner, which means what and when you study does not automatically update based on how you’re progressing through the course. Wiley’s biggest pro is its test bank; it provides 12,000 multiple-choice questions and 500 task-based simulations. However, despite the larger test bank, Wiley racks up 281 study hours per section, compared to Surgent’s average 46 study time hours per part.

Roger CPA Review

Roger CPA Review Course’s SmartPath Predictive Technology™ is similar to Wiley’s in that it compares your scores throughout the course to the scores of successful past CPA candidates who also took the course. While there is no initial assessment to test a candidate’s knowledge, and the study planner is not adaptive, SmartPath Technology uses a candidate’s data to ensure they’re getting the right questions when needed. However, comparing a current candidate’s scores to a previous candidate’s scores may not consider any new exam changes. Roger does have a robust mobile app, but overall it’s not as individualized as Surgent’s truly adaptive course, which means its hours per section are still markedly higher, at 195, than Surgent’s 46-hour study time per part.

Becker CPA Review

Becker has historically been one of the go-to brands for CPA Review. Recently, Becker has attempted to update its platform to compete with truly adaptive technology. However, Becker’s Adapt2U technology, powered by a third-party company, is not adaptive. Students may complete a brief, optional quiz that determines whether they should start with lectures or skills practice videos. Students are still required to work through each module linearly without considering what the student already knows and therefore does not need to spend time studying. The result is that students spend hundreds of hours studying for each section of the CPA Exam. Becker also introduced “personalized review sessions” (PRS) to each study module. Unfortunately, work done in the PRS does not impact the student’s study plan — in fact, it may simply prolong students’ study time. Becker is one of the most expensive options on the market, costing almost $1,000 more for their top-tier package compared to Surgent’s Ultimate Pass.

Comparing CPA course features

When you’re looking at CPA prep courses, there are a few features you’ll want to compare between the materials:

Adaptive technology
ASAP technology on a laptop

Check to see if the course truly is adaptive. An adaptive course should automatically update based on your progress; you shouldn’t have to manually change your study schedule or what you study on any given day.

Course materials
Surgent Exam prep courses on a tablet and iphone

You have a specific learning style, so you’ll want to ensure you get a course that’s conducive to that style; physical textbooks, self-study, an audio course or interactive materials are a few examples.

Course access

Sometimes life happens, and you don’t pass the exam as quickly as you’d like, or you don’t pass every CPA Exam section within the 18-month window. Find a review course that gives you access until you pass, so you don’t have to pay again.

Instructor support

Some concepts are more challenging than others and need more explanation. A great CPA prep course will not only be created and taught by expert instructors, it will also have support for those tough topics, should you need it.


The CPA Exam isn’t static; the AICPA updates exams corresponding to updates to standards and innovation in the industry. You want CPA Exam review materials that automatically update, so you aren’t stuck with old materials that don’t teach you everything you need to know.

Practice exams

Having unlimited practice exams will help you get familiar with the exam format and exam questions in your final review. Your CPA study materials should have plenty of practice exams to help you prepare for exam day. Make sure they simulate the actual exam and help you familiarize yourself with all the tools, like spreadsheets, testlets and the time clock.

Pricing and payment

We all want to ensure we’re getting the best value for the money, especially since the total price for the CPA Exam and review materials can cost upward of $5,000. Read course reviews and check pass rates to confirm the value is there. Also, many courses offer payment plans, allowing you to pay over time instead of making one large payment upfront.

Competitor hidden truths

Surgent has truly adaptive technology, but several other courses also claim to have adaptive learning technology. So how can you tell what is adaptive and what isn’t? There are several key areas to look at, such as:

  • INITIAL ASSESMENT: how (and if) you take an initial assessment to discover your strengths
  • STUDY PLANS: how the study planner is created
  • CONTENT UPDATES: how content and study sequences adjust throughout the course
  • PREDICTIVE AI LEARNING: how the content adapts to your strengths and weaknesses as you learn

Compare our adaptive learning technology to other review courses to see which one will work best for you.

CMA Exam Review

Surgent CMA Review is currently the top-rated CMA review course across several independent, third-party reviewers.


Certified Management AccountantSurgent CMA ReviewGleim CMA ReviewWiley CMAexcel
Price – full course$699–$1299$999 – $1,599$1,000-$1,275
Price – individual course$499$499-$950No option to purchase parts individually
Pass or money-back guaranteeYesWithin 18 monthsNo
Adaptive learning softwarePredictive AI TechnologySmartAdapt™No
Exam readiness indicatorYesNoNo
MCQ count4,000+2,9005,500
Essay problems654010
Unlimited practice examsYesNoYes
IMA strategic partnerYesYesNo
Free automatic content updatesYesYesYes
Mobile AppYesNoYes
Unlimited accessYesYesYes
Video lectures60+ videos45+ hours50+ hours
Flash cardsYesNoYes
Print textbooksYesYesYes
Customer supportCustomer success team available via phone, email and live chat. One-on-one CMA Exam coaching is also available.Personal counselor and accounting teamInstructor mentoring and online support from subject matter experts

Independent research

Independent reviews of CMA review courses provide candidates unbiased insights from a variety of sources. Surgent CMA Review is currently the top-rated CMA review course across several independent, third-party reviewers.

Accounting Institute for Success

The Accounting Institute for Success (AIS) helps accounting professionals gain their credentials on the first try. Surgent CMA Review ranks as AIS’s top CMA Exam prep course.

AIS calls Surgent CMA Review “one of the most comprehensive study tools on the market.” They cite Surgent’s ability to eliminate wasted study time with smart technology that transforms weaknesses into strengths.

Crush the CPA Exam

Bryce Welker started Crush the CPA Exam after his own struggles to gain the credential. Now, Crush the CPA Exam guides accounting professionals through various credentials with tips and test prep course reviews. Crush the CPA Exam ranks Surgent CMA Review as their top-rated review course.

Crush the CPA Exam particularly likes Surgent’sPredictive AI Technology and unlimited CMA practice tests. They rank Surgent as the top CMA review course because of our clear goal to get you to pass as easily as possible, which is reflected in our fair prices.

Financial Analyst Insider

Created by Lou Haverty, CFA, Financial Analyst Insider is a resource for aspiring finance and accounting professionals looking to advance their careers. Surgent CMA Review is ranked as Financial Analyst Insider’s top CMA review course. They cite the lower price point, adaptive learning algorithm, comprehensive test question database with detailed explanations and comprehensive analytics, and one of the strongest pass guarantees in the industry.

Institute of Management Accountants (IMA®)

Surgent is proud to be a strategic partner of IMA, the association of accountants and financial professionals in business. IMA’s Senior Vice President of Global Business Development, Jim Gurowka, says, “Working with Surgent as a strategic partner will help many individuals master what they need to know to earn their CMA certifications and benefit the entire profession.”

American Business Awards

Surgent CMA Review’s exam-readiness metric, ReadySCORE, received a Silver Stevie at the American Business Awards for the Technical Innovation of the Year. ReadySCORE™ was called a “remarkable and innovative feature.”

Comparing CMA course providers

Surgent CMA Review

As the leader in adaptive learning technology, Surgent takes their students’ success seriously. Using proprietary adaptive learning software, Predictive AI Technology, Surgent CMA Review chooses applicable content based on current knowledge levels, so emphasis is placed where it’s needed most. Plus, our exam-readiness feature, ReadySCORE, estimates your exam score at the moment, should you elect to sit for the CMA Exam today. These features prepare Surgent students faster and ensure higher pass rates than competitors.

Gleim CMA Review

While Gleim’s course touts adaptive learning software, it doesn’t present students with the materials required to improve their comprehension levels. Instead, students must navigate course materials on their own. Choosing a review course with the highest number of questions might seem like the best choice, but can feel tedious without metrics informing if you’re ready for test day.

Wiley CMAexcel

Wiley Platinum CMA Review is well known for its 135 30-minute-long “bite-sized lessons.” The short length of each lesson allows CMA candidates to learn key concepts in digestible chunks, but the course’s software does not guide candidates towards which videos they truly need to watch. Wiley lacks any adaptive technology that gauges candidates’ knowledge of exam topics and guides them towards the topics they need to study. Rather, Wiley students must take the “study everything” approach, wasting hours on unnecessary material. As the most expensive course on the market, that’s a lot of time and money to waste.

Comparing CMA course features

Adaptive technology

Studying with courses powered by Predictive AI technology is the quickest way to pass the CMA Exam. Check to ensure that your review course isn’t excessively repetitive, drilling into every MCQ or making you watch every video. As a truly adaptive course, Surgent utilizes thorough assessments and real-time algorithms to prioritize study material. 

Exam readiness indicator

Even after diligent studying, you may not feel ready to sit for the CMA Exam. That’s why it’s important for your review course to indicate exam readiness, like Surgent’s ReadySCORE. An exam-readiness metric should show you what you would score if you were to sit for the CMA Exam at every step of your CMA Exam study journey, not just at the end of a practice test.

Course materials

Your review course should cater to your individual learning style. Make sure that review courses offer a variety of material types to cater to your preferences, like video lectures, physical textbooks, flashcards or mobile compatibility.


The IMA updates the CMA Exam when industry changes are identified. Your review course should offer free, automatic updates, so study materials are always relevant to the exam you’ll be sitting for.

Practice exams

Practice exams with the CMA Exam format and questions provide the best way to familiarize yourself with the exam format. CMA review materials should have ample practice exams with a wide variety of questions to prepare you for the actual exam.

Pricing and payment

Make sure the price you’re paying for a CMA review course is fair. Surgent is competitively priced, offers payment plans, and considering other courses’ software limitations, Surgent helps you save both time and money.

Pass guarantee

Surgent offers the only course in the CMA Exam review space with a pass-or-money-back guarantee, which means that we’re not just fairly priced — we also care about helping you pass the exam.

CIA Exam Review

Surgent is transparent about how real students fare using our online course and how we reduce study time by 73% over other CIA course review providers.


Certified Internal AuditorSurgent CIA Review courseIIA CIA Review courseGleim CIA Review courseWiley CIA Review course
Price – full course$499$895–$995$949$375
Price per section$189$325–365N/A$125
Level of adaptive learningPremium leadersomesomenone
Exam readiness indicatorYesNoNoNo
Multiple-choice question count2,982Unknown3,5006,800
Finance optionsfrom $44 per monthN/Afrom $67 per monthN/A
Mobile AppYesYesNoYes
Length of access18 months12 or 24 months18 months24 months

Independent research

We know that independent reviews are what you really care about, because they provide unbiased insight. Surgent is consistently listed as one of the top CIA Exam review courses by independent, third-party reviewers. Let’s examine some highlights of these reviews, as well as related links so you can evaluate for yourself.

Crush the CIA Exam

Bryce Welker’s Crush the CIA Exam helps candidates find the best review courses. He rates Surgent a perfect five stars. Crush the CIA Exam likes that “Surgent’s review course is a laser-guided study tool that can help students prepare for the exam in record time.” The frequent content updates and flexible pricing are also highlighted in the review. The five-star review places Surgent as one of the best courses out there, especially for “those with limited amounts of free time due to work or school.”

I Pass the CIA Exam

Stephanie Ng started I Pass the CIA Exam after many years of helping candidates pass the CPA exam on her other site, I Pass the CPA Exam. Stephanie outlines seven “best features” of Surgent CIA Review, including the tailored education, the unique exam readiness indicator and free content updates included with purchase for 18 months.

CPA Exam Guy

CPA Exam Guy’s team educates candidates about the best test-taking strategies and study materials to ace the CPA exam — as well as the CIA Exam. They give Surgent CIA Review a #1 ranking when compared to competitor products. They love Surgent’s dashboard with daily progress updates. They say:

Surgent is designed to accommodate as many learning styles as they can. Their adaptive technology means that the course will always be tailored to your needs and shoring up your weak areas. On top of that, their digital materials are top notch and easily read on the go. Because of these features, and their low price point, Surgent easily takes the top spot of this list!

CPA Exam Guy

Accounting Institute for Success

The Accounting Institute for Success (AIS) helps CIA candidates take control of the exam process and pass on their first try, without putting their entire lives on hold. The Accounting Institute calls Surgent CIA Review “a benchmark prep course,” calling out the signature adaptive learning technology, ample practice questions and exams, PDF textbooks and a pass guarantee as highlights. Like other independent reviewers, the AIS lists Surgent’s unique A.S.A.P.® Technology as one of the best features of the course.  

How to know which CIA review course to get

When considering prep courses for the three parts of the CIA Exam, there are a few features you’ll want to compare between providers: 

PREDICTIVE AI technology

Consider how adaptive the course really is. Truly adaptive courses automatically respond based on your progress. You shouldn’t have to manually change your study schedule or content on any given day. 

Test prep materials

You have a specific learning style, so make sure your course is conducive to that style. Mobile apps, self-study, video lectures or flashcards are a few examples. 


The CIA Exam isn’t static. Rather, it’s updated as industry standards change. You want CIA Exam review materials that automatically update, so you aren’t stuck with out-of-date materials.

Practice exams

Unlimited mock exams and practice tests familiarize you with the exam format and exam questions. CIA study materials should come with an abundance of practice exams for proper exam preparation. Make sure they simulate the actual exam and arm you with all of the relevant tools. 

Pricing and payment

Value matters, since the full price for the CIA Exam and review materials can cost so much. Read reviews about courses and check pass rates to quantify the return on your investment. Consider payment plans too, an attractive alternative to making one large payment up front. 

Pass guarantees

Nobody wants to go headfirst into an exam and then not pass — but it can happen, so look for a course that offers a pass guarantee. Whether an exchange for continued course access or a refund, guarantees ensure your investment is safe. 

Competitor hidden truths

Many companies claim to use adaptive technology, but the proof is often lacking. Study planners and content that dynamically adjust throughout the experience are key indicators of the algorithm in action. Look for those as signs that a course truly adapts to your strengths and weaknesses as you learn.

EA Exam Review

Our EA Exam Review has all the best features available to help you prepare to pass. Surgent EA Review has been rated as the top EA review course across multiple independent, third-party reviewers.


Enrolled Agent course featuresSurgent EA ReviewGleim EA Review course
Price – full course $499–999$629.95
Price – individual section$189$199.95–$229.95
Pass or money-back guaranteeYesWithin 12 months
Adaptive learning softwarePredictive AI TechnologySmartAdapt™
MCQ count1,800+3,500+
Unlimited practice examsYesNo; one exam rehearsal
Average study time47 hours90+ hours
Mobile AppYesNo
Up-to-date built-in IRS publicationsYesNo
Course accessUnlimited12 months
Video lecturesYesNo
Customer supportAvailable via phone, email and live chat. One-on-one coaching and ultimate customer support are also available.Personal counselor, email and phone support

Average study time for Surgent is based on actual observed study times for Surgent EA Review students and represents the average number of hours it takes students to achieve a passing ReadySCORE, our indicator of exam readiness. Average study time for Gleim was calculated using the number of pages in the textbook at a rate of 10 pages per hour, video lecture hours and number of MCQs at two minutes per question with 1.5 attempts.

Independent research

Independent reviews of Enrolled Agent Exam prep provide EA candidates with unbiased feedback from users of multiple platforms. Surgent EA Review has been rated as the top EA review course across multiple independent, third-party reviewers.

Crush the EA Exam

Bryce Welker started Crush the EA Exam to help prospective students. He rates Surgent at five out of five stars. Crush the EA Exam notes Surgent’s adaptive learning technology and clear course design. They feel the clear course design, which includes an organized dashboard that clearly shows candidates’ progress, overall score, hours studying and a countdown to your exam date, helps candidates stay focused and on track.

Accounting Institute for Success

The Accounting Institute for Success (AIS) assists accounting professionals seeking credentials on the first try. The Accounting Institute ranks Surgent as the best EA Exam review course. AIS cites the course’s adaptive learning software, user-friendly design and wealth of practice questions as just a few of the reasons for naming Surgent the top EA course. They call Surgent EA Review “a low-cost and personalized study material.”

National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA)

The NAEA names Surgent EA Review as a preferred partner. Together, the two organizations created The Pathway to EA™, a program that offers NAEA members who aren’t enrolled agents free access to Surgent EA Review Part 1 – Individuals, and access to ReadyPASS, our exam readiness diagnostic tool. NAEA Executive Vice President, Robert Kerr, EA, said, “Through this partnership, NAEA is providing cutting edge assistance, education and support to those who are ready to demonstrate their tax expertise.”

American Business Awards

Surgent EA Review’s exam-readiness metric, ReadySCORE, won a Silver Stevie at the American Business Awards in the Technical Innovation of the Year category. ReadySCORE was recognized as “a pretty remarkable and innovative feature. There are many testing programs that don’t offer any guidance on testing progress, so this is a nice feature to see.”

Stevie Award

Comparing EA course providers

Surgent EA Review

Thanks to Surgent’s proprietary adaptive learning software, Predictive AI Technology, students are exam ready in less than half the time of those in competing programs. Predictive AI Technology recommends content based on the adaptive learning software that continually weighs your exam readiness and offers personalized study suggestions. Enjoy unlimited practice exams along with Surgent’s ReadySCORE metric which provides a real-time, accurate estimate of your expected exam results.

Gleim EA Review Course

Gleim is considered one of the most extensive EA review courses on the market, but more isn’t always better. And while the course provides you with analytics to track your progress, it does not provide personalized recommendations on what to study — requiring you to figure that out on your own. Study planning can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of exam preparation, and though they offer a personal counselor, the course offers no adaptive learning solution. With only one exam rehearsal and no tool showing exam readiness, you’re left on your own to decide when you feel ready to sit for the EA Exam.

The top-rated Enrolled Agent review courses:

  • Surgent EA Review
  • Gleim EA Review
  • Fast Forward Academy EA Review

Make sure that your EA prep course has all of the best features available.

EA Exam Prep Features

PREDICTIVE AI technology

Ensure the EA review materials are truly adaptive and known material isn’t unnecessarily rehashed. The course should update according to your progress and readily show you materials required to become exam ready. You shouldn’t ever have to manually change your study plan or content.

Course materials

Make sure that your course works with your learning style, whether you study better with physical textbooks, self-study, a video lecture series or interactive materials. Surgent offers three tiers of Enrolled Agent prep courses to ensure a tailored experience. Included in our Ultimate Pass are printed textbooks and, unlike any other course on the market, two extra educational courses, including one CE course.

pass guarantee
Pass guarantee

While the EA Exam has higher pass rates compared to some of the other accounting credentialing exams, you will still want a course with a pass guarantee. This way, your investment is guaranteed. Surgent students boast a 96% pass rate, much higher than the national average!


You want a course that’s available as long as you need it. Find a review course with full access until you pass, so you don’t wind up with less-than-desirable EA Exam results and an expired review course.

Unlimited practice exams

It’s vital you feel prepared when you go to sit for the EA Exam. Make sure that your review course has unlimited practice exams to adequately prepare before exam day.