Students and corporations choose Surgent for courses that adapt as needs evolve and requirements change. Learn why more individuals choose Surgent.

Comprehensive content

We have a higher pass rate than other online exam reviews.

Adaptive learning

Groundbreaking technology prepares students by focusing where learning is required most.

Guaranteed results

We don’t just offer courses. We guarantee students will succeed.

Comprehensive content

Surgent offers courses for learners of all levels.

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Skill-specific learning

From software-specific courses to Income Tax School, students have access to thousands of courses to help you succeed.

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Exam Review

Professionals turn to us to pass the CPA, CMA, SIE, CISA, CIA and EA exams. Pass faster with Surgent.

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CPE/CE Courses

With more than 7,500 credit hours, our online CPE catalog is the biggest in the industry.

“For the past ten years I have struggled down the path to the coveted CPA. I’ve taken every course out there but couldn’t get it done. After using Surgent CPA Review I was able to conquer “the beast” called the CPA exam in 18 months! My lifelong dream has been accomplished! Thank you Surgent CPA Review for giving me the tools that I needed to be successful on the CPA exam.”

Melantha P @ MBA, CPA Candidate

Switch to Surgent

If you’re looking for a course tailored to your existing knowledge and needs, count on Surgent to get you to the finish line.

Surgent students pass with confidence, thanks to our Pass Guarantee.

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Adaptive learning

At Surgent, technology drives learning.

Everyone learns differently. Let Surgent’s intuitive approach and adaptive technology guide you on a personalized journey. Study efficiently and maximize results.

Continuing education

With 10,000+ credit hours of continuing education in our catalog, we offer more course options than any other CPE provider.

Maintain your credential with the most options and most timely content available.

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Interactive learning

Surgent Interactive is Surgent’s new line of short, immersive, game-based continuing education courses.

Features and benefits

Our courses make it easy for candidates to focus on what they need to learn to pass, offering a balanced study plan based on their lifestyle. Completing work and study? No problem!

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Adaptive and linear

We know that everyone has unique learning needs. That’s why we offer both adaptive (customized to you) and linear (uniform) learning options. While our adaptive learning approach is best in class and a guaranteed time-saver, we also have a uniform option for those who prefer a step-by-step linear approach.

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Tailored for you

Our adaptive learning technology creates hyper-customized study plans that focus on the specific topics a student needs to learn. Which makes studying easier – and test day arrives faster!

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Pass Guarantee

We are so confident in our courses — and the potential of our students — that we offer a pass guarantee. A passing grade is within reach, sooner than you think!