Curious about the salary prospects after passing your exam?

Surgent compiled the most current data on what your professional earnings may look like.

Entry-level CPAs earn $10,000 more per year on average than non-certified entry-level accountants.

CMAs earn 33% more than non-certified professionals at the same level.

An entry-level EA can earn nearly double the average entry-level salary for an uncertified tax preparer.

CIAs earn on average $38,000 more annually than non-certified internal auditors.

CISA salaries are 49% higher than the average salary listed on jobseeker websites.

Why should I get certified?

CPA exam review

Earning a CPA credential shows employers that you understand a broad scope of accounting topics.

Surgent CPA Review

CMA exam review

The CMA credential is internationally recognized and lets employers know that you are prepared for a financial leadership position.

EA exam review

The EA credential gives you the authority to represent clients in front of the IRS, within any state of the U.S.

EA Daily Surge dashboard

CIA exam review

Becoming a CIA shows employers that you are a credible and trusted internal audit expert.

CIA exam review on ipad

CISA exam review

Earning the CISA credential affirms your depth of knowledge and experience in the IS audit profession.

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