IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) has partnered with Surgent CMA Review to offer you free access to ReadyPASS, a unique tool that’s enabling candidates to pass the CMA Exam the first time, faster.

With ReadyPASS, you’ll complete a thorough assessment and receive:

  • Your ReadySCORE, an award-winning feature that estimates what you’d receive on the actual exam.
  • A detailed performance breakdown by content area and topic, so you know exactly where you need to focus your study time.
  • A comparison showing how your ReadySCORE stacks up against others who have passed.
  • The estimated time required to complete your studies and become exam-ready.

Candidates are using ReadyPASS as a pre-study assessment, to inform their study plans, and as post-study verification that they’re ready to sit.

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