Free ReadyPass Access for University Pass Students
Do you like spending time studying information you already know? Probably not…your time is valuable, so it’s important to use it effectively when you’re preparing for the CMA Exam. Fortunately, Surgent is here to provide you with a time-saving tool that will fast track your study efforts by helping refine the content you need to study, in order to pass the CMA Exam.

SPECIAL OFFER: As a current University Pass (uPASS) student user, Surgent is providing you with complimentary access to ReadyPass!

How Does ReadyPass Work?
Surgent’s ReadyPass is an assessment that lets you know whether or not you are ready to pass each section of the CMA Exam. ReadyPass provides you with a detailed diagnostic report, explaining which exam topics you have already mastered, and which topics areas you need to study more. The CMA Exam has added more content over the years, which makes finding time to study all of the relevant topics more challenging for candidates. The ReadyPass diagnostic report helps alleviate this challenge by empowering you to focus your study time on the topics you don’t know, so you can learn the information you need to know, faster.

How Do I Get Free Access?
Simply select the section of ReadyPass you would like to use from the dropdown menu, add it to your cart, and follow the steps to check out.

If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Hirsch by calling 610-688-4477 (ext. 654) or by emailing