We know how uncertain of a time it currently is, with COVID-19 impacting not only your day-to-day life but your family and the market too – it’s pretty scary. But that’s not to say that your life (or career ambitions) should be put on hold, in fact, they’re more important now than ever.

That’s why we’re cutting through the confusion to remind you of five important things to keep in mind during this pandemic, and ultimately this lockdown.

Make use of your downtime. These are unprecedented times and most of us have more downtime than ever before, both at work and in our ‘free time’. But it’s crucial that you use this time wisely, and keep studying. This will pay off in the long run – remember that while a CPA credential isn’t required to work in accounting, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants who earn the CPA have the best job prospects.

You’re safe at home, not stuck at home. We know it’s a strange time, and one that feels more and more uncertain as the days go on. But remember that you’re not stuck at home while we all self isolate over the next few weeks, you’re safe at home.

Take advantage of payment plans. We can totally understand that given the fluctuations in the market due to this pandemic, we’re all holding onto our purse strings a little tighter right now. But you can still be sensible with your money and get started on your CPA journey (plus, the typical pay rise at the end of it isn’t half bad either). Many online education companies offer payment plans over a range of time frames -–with some even offering 0% APR. What are you waiting for?

Your CPA credential can help you stand out. The accounting industry is ever changing with the proliferation of tech, but one thing that won’t ever change? The importance of credentials. They highlight your expertise and prove that you’re dedicated to not only your career, but the industry itself, too. In fact, all of the big accounting firms expect their staff to have sat for, or have plans to sit for the CPA Exam – even offering bonuses to encourage it.

Accountants are a pillar in society. Plus, accountants arguably become even more crucial during difficult economic times. As your clients panic, and their business is under economic stress, accountants are truly the eyes and ears steering them through this – identifying risk, cost savings and strategies to reduce overhead. This role is critical for a business to succeed in the best of economic times – and even more so in the worst of economic times.

While nobody can speak to how long this may last, or the impact it will have in the long run, CPA candidates must continue on their CPA journey with the knowledge that not only will this end, but also that you and your credential are key to the economic success of businesses throughout and after it. That’s why a CPA credential is not only an investment in your future but also a safety net for your present.

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