The Data Behind Our Claims

Surgent is committed to being completely transparent about the claims we make. Continue reading to learn how we calculate our pass rates, hours saved, and more!

Pass Rate Calculation – 92% Pass Rate

Surgent students who achieve a ReadySCORE of at least 75 across all content areas, topics, and question types (multiple-choice questions and simulations) pass the CPA Exam 92% of the time. All Surgent students, regardless of ReadySCORE or amount of time studied, pass the exam 88% of the time. Scores are solicited from all students, self-reported, and collected using a third party platform.

Study Hour Calculations

Surgent Hours Until Exam Ready Calculation – less than 90 Total Study Hours

Surgent’s hours until exam-ready calculation is based on actual observed study time of all Surgent CPA Review students who conclude their studies with a ReadySCORE of 75 or more. Surgent students average less than 90 total study hours.

Surgent students average less than 90 total study hours

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Competitor “Hours Saved” Calculation

For other CPA Review providers, average study time was estimated based on the following factors:

  • Student watches all videos one time
  • Reads all textbooks one time (estimate 10 pages/hour)
  • Views each multiple-choice question (MCQ) an average of two times (estimate 90 seconds/question)
  • Completes each task-based simulation one time (estimate 20 minutes/question)

These assumptions were made based on analyzing competitors’ software concluding that no competitor truly has adaptive technology sophisticated enough to reduce study hours. Therefore, competitors’ students must go through all review course materials to become exam ready.

Additionally, over 10,000,000 hours saved was calculated by determining the average hours saved per competitors’ exam review course multiplied by the number of Surgent students who achieved a passing ReadySCORE.

ReadySCORE™ Accuracy

The over 98% ReadySCORE accuracy is calculated by correlating students’ ReadySCOREs with their reported CPA Exam scores.

Accounting Today Award

Surgent CPA Review’s Premier Pass course was named a Top New Professional Education Product of 2018 by Accounting Today.

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