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Connecticut Society of CPAs

CTCPA has partnered with Surgent CPA Review to offer an award-winning exam review experience at an exclusive 35% off discount (which will be automatically added to your cart at checkout), as well as a unique exam-readiness tool for absolutely FREE.

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Surgent CPA Review’s full 4-part courses are powered by a proprietary adaptive learning software, A.S.A.P. Technology™, which enables candidates to pass the CPA Exam more efficiently and effectively than ever before by crafting personalized study programs for each candidate.

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CPA Review Features

  • Full 4-part review course (100% aligned with AICPA blueprints)
  • Award-winning adaptive learning technology (+ option to switch to linear)
  • Access that never expires
  • 8,800+ MCQs with 475+ Simulations and 350+ nano-sized video lectures
  • E-books & lecture study notes for all 4 exam sections
  • Companion Study App
  • Customized study plans that adapt to you, saving up to 400 hours of study time

See how we get you to pass faster than any other course on the market!

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A.S.A.P.® Technology

Our AI-powered software generates a fully customized study plan to bridge your knowledge gaps, getting you exam-ready up to 4x faster than other review courses could.


ReadySCORE takes the guesswork out of exam readiness by predicting what you’d score on the CPA Exam with incredible accuracy. Throughout your studies, you’ll know just how close you are to passing, and when you’re truly ready. You won’t find another course with this technology!

Detailed Performance Reports

We take data very seriously, and we know you do, too. With Surgent, you’ll have comprehensive reporting at your fingertips, detailing your proficiency in each topic and question type, study progress, how long we estimate it will take you to get exam-ready, and much, much more.

Thumbnail of the Your Daily Surge dashboard with a series of white boxes on a gray background highlighting study session paths, practice exams, videos, and course completion percentage graphs.

Real-Time Algorithms

Real-time algorithms assess the progress you make with each passing study session and adjust future study plans to ensure you’re staying on the quickest route to 75!


MyMCQ pushes you towards proficiency 17% faster by automatically and continually adjusting the difficulty of the MCQs you see based on your current level of mastery. Rather than wasting time on questions that are too easy to help you learn, MyMCQ will challenge to you to learn more in much less time.

Superior Study Material

Our intelligent software determines what content you need for each study session, and serves it in short, digestible chunks. We select from 7,700+ MCQs, 400+ task-based simulations, and 350+ bite-sized videos, to serve the right types of questions, at the right difficulty level to speed you to that passing score.

Expert Instructors

Led by the adaptive learning pioneer Liz Kolar, our faculty is comprised of some of the best minds in the business who have mastered the art of making the most complex topics easy to understand.

Unlimited Course Access

Unlike other courses that expire after 18 months, we’re with you until you pass—no strings attached. Plus, we’ll continue to automatically update your online course materials at no charge, so you’ll always be studying content that’s up-to-date and fully aligned to the AICPA exam blueprint.

A.S.A.P. Technology Phases Overview


By completing a series of questions pulled from all exam areas, you’ll establish your baseline, or your ReadySCORE™, in this phase. Find out how you’d score if you sat for the CPA Exam today, where your key weaknesses lie, plus how many study hours you need to achieve a passing score.