Red Flag Mania, Season 2: Bundle



Season 2 Tax Challenge: Parts I, II, and III focus on a tax investigation, challenging learners to make several decisions from the perspective of three individuals: the taxpayer (Dennis Harvey), a tax accountant (Judy Harper, CPA) and an IRS Agent (John Buchanan). After introducing the learner to each character, they will analyze twenty tax scenarios, review relevant tax resources, derive calculations, and make recommendations depending on the character they are playing.

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Course Description

Surgent has partnered with Red Flag Mania to provide engaging, hands-on, “whodunnit” mysteries. Tap into newly-learned theoretical content and use critical thinking to solve a case. We have created a unique, gamified learning experience that empowers professionals and students to identify fraud red flags by doing more than just reading about them. Instead, you’re placed in the center of a real-life situation through film and interactive evidence, and are tasked with solving the crime.