The Certified Internal Auditor exam

Becoming a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is a fantastic career move for many professionals in the auditing field. The CIA is the only globally recognized internal auditor certification. The distinction indicates a dedication to internal auditing and demonstrates credibility in the field. CIAs can earn higher wages and pursue more advanced job opportunities than non-certified accountants. Just over 40% of test takers passed the exam in 2020, proving the CIA’s selective outcomes.

Top tips on how to pass the CIA exam

Make use of existing knowledge

The CIA certification requires professional experience. While those who hold a Master’s degree require one year, bachelor’s graduates require two. Additionally, internal audit practitioners must have five years of relevant experience. 

Surgent CIA Review can help you use existing knowledge and experience to your advantage. Through our proprietary A.S.A.P.® Technology, initial testing identifies strengths and weaknesses. Instead of reviewing content that you already understand, you’ll only study the content that you need to learn. Better still, Surgent’s CIA preparation courses continually adapt to your needs as you expand your knowledge. 

Study intelligently

Surgent CIA Review is the smartest way to pass the Certified Internal Auditor exam. Our powerful A.S.A.P. Technology® powers an adaptive learning experience like no other, giving you the most effective, efficient CIA exam prep experience you’ll come across. Leverage your strengths and study smarter.

Check your ReadySCORE™ ahead of exam day

No matter how many times you get the correct answers on a practice test, it can still feel like you’re not ready to sit for the CIA exam. That’s the very reason that Surgent created ReadySCORE™ — a one-of-a-kind exam-readiness metric that tells you what you would score if you sat for the CIA exam today to 99% accuracy. No more going in blind! 

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