Junior associates must balance required education with all the other knowledge requirements that come with starting a new job. It’s not easy, but with ReadyPASS™ they’ll know exactly where they stand — and so will you. ReadyPASS comes with all Surgent exams. Here’s how it works.

Establish baseline knowledge

Associates come into training from diverse backgrounds and experiences. A pre-study assessment shows them their current competencies and where they need to improve.

Access a customized study plan

After they’ve completed the assessment, associates begin a curated journey through the content, focused on areas of need. Likewise, the course will reduce areas of demonstrated proficiency.

Know when to schedule the exam

Studying for exams often means less billable time for associates. ReadyPASS lets employers know when they can expect associates to be exam-ready and plan accordingly. In fact, employees can compare their ReadySCORE™ to others who have already passed.

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