Traditional learning has taught us to bury our noses in our study materials and not resurface until we’ve read, reread and answered all of the test questions correctly. But what if there was a way to study more efficiently and more effectively, cutting down on study hours while making studying work for us as individuals? Believe it or not, there are people out there who actually study how we study, and they’ve come up with some great ideas on learning efficiency. Predictive AI Technology, a process that uses artificial intelligence to actively tailor content to an individual’s needs, is a learner-centric model of education you can use to have a great learning experience. Below we’ll give you five ways our Predictive AI Technology will help improve your learning experience.

 1. PREDICTIVE AI TECHNOLOGY is Tailored Specifically to YOU

The best part about Surgent’s Predictive AI Technology is it’s completely centered around your strengths, weaknesses, goals and engagement patterns. With many other study courses, you’re going to be watching the same videos, reading the same materials and answering the same questions as every other person using that course. But with our adaptive review, you’re learning experience is based on your individual mastery of the material.

During the Assessment Phase of our course, we evaluate your knowledge based on 150 questions over 5 study sessions with 30 questions each, laying a baseline for your knowledge needs. Our course then adapts in real-time to your activity and constantly adjusts to your performance.


Approaching studying for any major exam can be confusing. How many hours do you need to study? Should you treat it like a job where you’re plugging away for 8 hours a day (and do you even have the time to do that)? And what should you be studying during that time?

Sure, you could put together a spreadsheet outlining what you need to study every day. In fact, many other review courses do just that. However, a spreadsheet can apply to any individual taking the exam, but it might not be the best study plan for you.

We want to optimize both your performance and your time, so our Predictive AI Technology does the planning for you. You can set up your study schedule based on your exam dates and the days of the week you’re planning on studying. Your study plan will then continually adapt based on your progress in the course, and each day you’ll get a study planner that will let you know your study time per day. Even better, the planner will adjust in real time based on your performance.

The study planner is especially helpful if you have obligations outside of studying for your exam, because it gives you both flexibility and consistency in your schedule. By giving you an initial study time for a given day, you can build the rest of your day around studying, or vice versa. We know time is at a premium when studying for an exam and our technology will help you to effectively utilize every study session.



Credentialing exams will become your life when you’re studying for them. You’re going to be studying day in and day out for several months to over a year, depending on which exam you’re taking. Ideally, you would study the perfect number of hours to get a passing score, which doesn’t usually happen with traditional study methods.

Predictive AI Technology is mastery-based, not seat-time based. In a seat-time based environment, everyone is taught to spend a specific number of hours studying for an exam, no matter how they learn or their previous knowledge. It’s the classic “one size fits all” model. But not everyone learns the same and not everyone has the same strengths and weaknesses.

By tailoring the learning process to you, Predictive AI Technology can not only help you learn faster, but help you efficiently cover both material you know well and material you need to work on. This leads to a much faster learning experience; we’ve seen the average number of review hours reduced by over 50% with our predictive review.




One of the best parts about predictive learning is it identifies where you’re weak and shifts the focus to those areas. Maybe you’re studying for an exam where you know some areas really well but struggle in others. In a traditional approach, you would have to make an effort to single out areas where you were struggling and try to go over them until you felt comfortable.

With an adaptive learning approach, the study plan adapts based on your progress. If it notices you’re not very strong in one area, it’s going to give you more of that material until you’ve mastered it. On the flip side, areas where you’re proficient will be less of a focus since you’ve already mastered those skills. This approach leads to higher proficiency in all areas while also keeping students engaged in the material. Over time, between working on areas where you’re weak and reviewing areas where you’re competent, you’ll have a better understanding of all the material going into the exam.



Many candidates have a full plate before adding studying for a credentialing exam, whether you are a student, have a full-time job, families and outside obligations. Any area where stress can be reduced is crucial. That’s where Predictive AI Technology truly makes the difference.

With a truly individualized learning experience, a roadmap to exam day, and reduced study time, an adaptive review makes the learning process much smoother. It takes out any peripheral worries, such as setting up a study table, wondering what to study or how many hours to study, and stressing out about whether or not you’re learning effectively. At Surgent, we know a reduction in exam stress makes a big difference in your life; our adaptive learning technology will not only lower exam stress on a day-to-day level, but will reduce study time overall, letting you get back to your normal, exam-free life quicker.

If Predictive AI Technology has a common theme, it’s that its personalized to you. At Surgent, we believe you should get the best individualized learning experience. That’s why we’ve put our efforts into developing the best predictive learning technology because we care about you as an individual. We truly want to see you succeed.

Happy testing!