Unlock the power of data analytics with step-by-step help from the experts!

Surgent IQ™ courses marry Surgent’s proven ability to deliver engaging instruction on forward-thinking yet practical content with its easy-to-use, on-demand software delivery system to produce a rich, convenient, and meaningful learning experience for any student at any stage in their career.

Why You Should Choose Surgent IQ

Trusted Experts

Drawing upon our 35+ years in accounting and finance education, only Surgent is able to combine our industry expertise with a proven approach to learning.

In-Depth Education

It’s not enough to learn a few buzzwords or how something works in theory. With Surgent IQ, you’ll get real, hands-on knowledge to actually apply skills to your day-to-day career.

Expert Instruction

Surgent IQ courses are led by a faculty of industry experts who go way beyond dry lectures to ensure a truly engaging and effective learning experience. In fact, many of our courses include hands-on learning options to help you put ideas into practice.

Flexible, Convenient Learning Options

Our courses are 100% online and on-demand, with mobile-friendly video lectures, so you’ll always be able to learn at your own pace, and on your own schedule.

Valuable, Career-Enhancing Learning

Whether you’re just embarking on your career or looking to jump-start it at any point, Surgent IQ courses will help you build the kind of in-depth, in-demand skills and practical knowledge that help you stand out in the hiring process and excel on the job.

Education for Every Professional

Young Professionals
Making the transition from student to professional is tough. We can help. Our courses ensure you’ll have the knowledge –and the resume—to surge past your peers and get on the fast track to success at your job.
Job Seekers & Career-Changers
Bump your resume to the top of the pile by adding the skills and certifications you need to set yourself apart from the competition.
Experienced Staff
Workplaces and job functions are shifting. Surgent IQ can help you stay ahead of the curve. With our expertly-designed courses and hands-on teaching, you’ll be better equipped to harness technology, boost your own productivity, and get ahead in your organization.

Surgent IQ for Your Business

Innovative businesses start with a knowledgeable workforce. Surgent partners with hundreds of organizations, bringing our best-in-class content to your digital doorstep.

Surgent IQ Partnership Program

In addition to our own courses, we’ve gathered some of the smartest minds in the education space to provide you with even more to finetune your skill sets and update your resume.