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Best Enrolled Agent Exam Prep Courses [Updated for 2018]

You’ve made the decision to become an IRS Enrolled Agent and have started research to find the best Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course for you. When choosing an Enrolled Agent Exam Review, some might be looking first at the price. Others might choose a course based on reputation as to who has the most widely used exam prep, while others might select an Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course based upon the sheer tonnage of total content, without any regard as to the instructional design of the course. While less expensive is always nice, it might mean that the Enrolled Agent Exam Prep Course provider does not invest enough in the course to provide the best content.

All of these are factors in your decision to choose an Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course, but the one factor that you should also be looking at is time: How much time will you need to commit to study for the IRS Enrolled Agent Examination?

Let’s see how other Enrolled Agent Exam Review Courses stack up against Surgent:

Enrolled Agent Course Features Surgent Gleim
Price - Full Course $499 $379-$629
Price Per Section $189 $89-$299
Level of Adaptive Learning Premium Leader none
MCQ Count 1,800 3,000
Study Time (hours) to see each MCQ 3x at 2 minutes per question 180 Hours 300 Hours
Mobile Enabled Yes Audio
Direct Reference to IRS Publications Yes No

Surgent EA Review – Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course

Surgent is one of the largest tax education companies in the country. We have hundreds of courses in tax education and our corral of authors is unmatched, and yet, we deliberately work tirelessly to maintain the smallest database of test bank questions of any Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course provider. Why smaller? To reduce your study time so you can pass the ENTIRE EA Exam in six months or less.

Since the bulk of your study time with any EA exam review course is going to be spent looking at multiple choice questions, Surgent provides you with a database of MCQs (as well as top-quality reference material) that provide excellent topic coverage, without adding on additional study questions simply for the sake of adding more. In fact, Surgent’s Enrolled Agent Exam Review test bank has nearly 50% fewer questions than other courses. The difference is that Surgent believes in quality over quantity. Our award-winning adaptive learning software, A.S.A.P. Technology™, generates a study program completely customized to you, resulting in an exam prep experience unmatched in its level of efficiency and effectiveness. In fact, Surgent students see their study time cut nearly in half over other courses, and achieve EA Exam pass rates above 90%.

When you factor that along with our ability to reference EVERY question to the appropriate attached IRS Publication (the basis of the content for the EA Exam), and that we are the only Enrolled Agent Exam Review who FULLY utilizes adaptive learning, the Surgent Enrolled Agent Exam Review is the best option for you.

Gleim EA Review - Enrolled Agent Exam Review Course

Gleim has always enjoyed a strong reputation as a quality exam prep course provider in a number of exam prep markets. Moreover, Dr. Irvin Gleim has always fostered a “customer first” culture at his company, and Gleim’s ability to provide an enrollment counselor and an interactive study planner is a testament to that culture. You will find their content to be at a level of quality and consistency one would want for the EA Exam.

Where we take pause with the Gleim EA Review program is the sheer tonnage of content that comes with the course. In addition to the 3,000+ multiple choice questions, the course also includes exam-emulating quizzes, the Gleim digital books, and Audio Lectures. If you see every question three times, as is a reasonable expectation for this exam, your 300 hours of study will now grow as you add in the book and audio lecture. For EA Exam candidates who intend to pass the entire EA Exam between tax seasons, this becomes a much larger task. And since Gleim has not introduced adaptive learning to its EA Exam Review, there really is no way to efficiently focus your study as you can with the Surgent EA Exam Review.

Sean Mullen manages the Enrolled Agent Review program for Surgent. As an “Evangelist” for the Enrolled Agent credential, Sean has spoken numerous times to professional and academic groups about the numerous career advantages available by earning the EA credential.

To see a comprehensive demonstration of the Surgent Enrolled Agent Exam Review and how we can reduce your total study time by over 50% versus other providers, please go to: https://www.surgent.com/exam-prep/ea-review-demo-webinar/

Sean Mullen is head of business development for Surgent Exam Prep. All information above is based on his research and available information as of 6/30/18.