My name is Brandon Vagner, CPA, PhD, former KPMG Manager, and founder of CPA Exam Success and Test Prep Store.  I’ve professionally reviewed and analyzed many high quality review courses all the way from GMAT prep courses to CPA review courses.  When you boil it down and look at all the factors, what matters most is how effective the course is in achieving the desired outcome and how quickly the course can facilitate that outcome.

A really hot topic within the educational industry is this notion of ‘adaptive learning.’  For decades, students across all different types of testing segments have longed for a personalized online on-demand experience.  With that said, today’s student doesn’t just want a prep course provider to recommend an optimal study path.  They want that prep provider’s course to make the assessment and automatically put them on a path to success by changing what the course delivers.


Enter Surgent CPA Review

Surgent CPA Review set out to deliver the best ‘adaptive learning’ CPA exam review course on the market.  They understand that in order to be effective, their courses must:

  1. Provide a robust (i.e. 450+ question) pre-assessment;
  2. Automatically adjust the student’s content delivery based on the pre-assessment; and
  3. Continually assess and adjust content delivery as the student progresses through the course.

The result is a completely personalized CPA exam review experience.  You, as a student, might not see the same video lectures as your friend, because your strengths and weaknesses are different than theirs.


Benefit of Surgent CPA Review

As result of this constant behind the scenes assessing and adjusting, which eliminates each individuals unneeded reading and lecture videos, the average Surgent CPA student will complete their CPA exam section review in less than 50% the time students of other CPA exam review providers will take.  That is based off of an internal assessment the Surgent CPA Review team did, and you can read the assumptions used in that analysis here.

The bottom line is that Surgent CPA Review’s adaptive learning is their secret sauce.  A lot of time and effort went into perfecting it, and they absolutely delivered.

Many CPA hopefuls are looking for their ‘white knight’ of a CPA review course to help them finally break through and pass the exam.  Surgent CPA Review might just be your ‘white knight.’

My advice, try out their course via this free trial access.  Once you get a chance to see the adaptive learning first hand and experience the quality of the course, I know you’re going to love it.

Once you’re ready to make the purchase, make sure to grab Surgent CPA Review’s most recent CPA exam review discount code.

Best of luck to you on your upcoming CPA Exam studies and career!


Brandon Vagner is a CPA, phD, and former KPMG Manager. He has obtained his bachelor’s degree in accounting,  master’s of accountancy, and PhD in business administration with a focus in Accounting. While at KPMG, Brandon’s audit engagements included primarily large public companies, but he also had a number of small private company clients as well. He currently lives in Nashville, TN, where he will soon be starting as a full-time Assistant Professor of Accountancy at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Disclaimer: Brandon Vagner is an affiliate of Surgent CPA Review.