The AICPA recently updated the score release dates for the new CPA Exam, which launched on April 1, 2017. If you’re testing in April or May (Q2), make a note of these updated dates!

Since there’s a new exam, candidates can expect to see delays in receiving their exam score through the remainder of 2017. Because of the substantive changes introduced in the 2017 CPA Exam, exam scores must be statistically validated.

On that note, exam scores are typically released within a couple of weeks after a candidate sits for the exam. For the remainder of 2017, all scores for each testing window are being held and will be released on one specific day to allow sufficient time for validation.

Here’s a look at the updated score release dates for Q2. Please note: the score release dates for Q3 and Q4 have not changed since posted by the AICPA in December 2016.

score release dates CPA Exam 2017

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