This month’s Surgent Student Ambassador Spotlight goes to…

Joseph Bell Student Ambassador

Joseph Bell
Hometown: Gainesville, Georgia
Earning his master’s degree in accountancy at
 Mercer University


About the Student Ambassador Program

The Surgent CPA Review’s Student Ambassador Program is a leadership program that offers students an opportunity to enhance their business skills, gain exposure to the accounting industry, and most importantly it teaches students what to expect when pursuing the CPA and how to be a successful candidate. The position of Student Ambassador is to serve as a liaison between Surgent and the school the Ambassador is currently attending.


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Why I chose Surgent

While pursuing a Master’s degree, I wanted a way to get more involved in campus life and learn more about the CPA Exam.  I just happen to come upon the website for Surgent CPA Review.  After looking at all the functions that the Surgent CPA Review course offered and trying the free trial; I wanted to know more about Surgent CPA Review.  I signed up to become a Student Ambassador because I truly believe in the system.  From the Adaptive Learning Technology to the ReadySCORE™, I believe that Surgent CPA Review will give me the best chance for success on exam day.  My experience working as a Campus Ambassador has given me the skills and knowledge to help other students prepare for the CPA Exam, has fully developed my leadership skills, and this has made me a better student.  I am so glad that I have been given this opportunity to represent such a great review course and organization.


Plans after graduation 

After graduating, I intend to use my skills and knowledge to further my career and fully develop my career aspirations.  This includes seeking an organization that I can grow with and ascend to a management position or start a business by utilizing my skills, experience in management, and overall creativity to build a successful career or business.  In pursuing these aspirations, I believe that pursuing the CPA license would be a great investment for the future.  After graduating, I plan to fully immerse myself in the Surgent CPA Review course and use all the functions to help prepare for CPA Exam success.


When I am not busy working or studying …

I enjoy hiking different trails in the North Georgia Mountains.  My absolute favorite trail in North Georgia would have to be Raven Cliff Falls Trail.  My goal for the next year would be to hike the highest seven mountains in Georgia and hike a good portion of the Appalachian Trail.  I am a creative person by nature so any medium where I can express myself has always been an interest of mine.  Music plays a large part in my life.  I write songs, record and produce, as well as perform many songs that I have written.  I often find myself carrying around a notepad to write down lyrics and inspiration for new songs that seem to materialize out of nowhere.  I am also an active reader and enjoy a really good book.  I find that nothing is better than curling up with a great book and getting lost for hours reading.


One fun fact about me 

One fun fact about myself would have to be that I have been training in martial arts most of my life.  I have been training and studying Martial Arts for over 15 years.  I hold black belts in karate and Brazilian jiu jitsu, and train in Muay Thai kickboxing.  I find that training in Martial Arts has added a great balance to my life by keeping me grounded, motivated, and has given me the willpower and discipline to achieve anything that I can envision for my life.


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