In a world of heightened compliance, businesses are treading more carefully than ever. Circumstances change rapidly, and companies demand assurance that their internal controls are keeping pace with a tsunami of demands. The need for ever-stricter scrutiny is just one reason why earning the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation is a wise career move. The business climate is ripe with opportunities for CIAs, and rewards are commensurate with the value that companies place on those with the prestigious credential and capabilities.  

If you’ve been thinking about pursuing your certification, these top four reasons for becoming a certified internal auditor could finally seal the deal. 

4 reasons why you should become a Certified Internal Auditor

The CIA is called the “gold standard” of internal auditing for good reason. The CIA heightens your professionalism by improving skills and knowledge. It attracts credibility and respect, demonstrates your commitment to the profession and increases your earning potential. 

As a measure of professional accomplishment, the CIA offers a boost for auditors at any career stage. Audit leaders, audit managers, audit staff and risk management staff can all benefit, as well as accounting and finance students.  

Gain credibility and respect

CIAs stand out. The CIA designation tells businesses and firms that demand only the best that you are the top in the field. 

In fact, the CIA is the most important designation available in the internal audit profession. It is the only globally recognized internal audit certification, so its value does not depreciate from country to country. The versatility of the designation is one of the benefits of becoming a CIA. 

Even though you probably don’t have to join the Institute of Internal Auditors when you earn your CIA, taking advantage of your IIA association to become a member provides access to a wealth of career-boosting resources. There are connections with a global network of peers and local chapters, access to an industry-specific audit career center, executive development education, volunteer leadership opportunities, news about updated and universally accepted standards and guidance, discounts on certification and qualification programs, complimentary CPE reporting, and more. 

Earn a higher salary

The CIA can take you to the top of the career ladder, with the salary to show for it. The median salary of an internal auditor with the CIA credential can go as high as 40% more than peers without the credential.  

The salary benefits accrue, too, because the longer you maintain the CIA certificate, the more you make. Combine the CIA with your years of experience, and you qualify for high-level, high-pay positions. This is another great benefit of becoming a Certified Internal Auditor. 

More job opportunities for Certified Internal Auditors

The CIA qualifies its holders for more job opportunities available to internal auditors without the designation. Even at the entry level, CIA holders hold a key prerequisite for such respectable job titles such as auditing specialist, compliance auditor, financial analyst, information systems auditor, internal controls auditor, lead internal auditor and risk assessment specialist. 

Keep demonstrating your competence, and you’ll be in line for promotions to lead internal auditor and internal audit supervisor positions, such as audit manager, internal audit director, risk manager and senior internal auditor. 

For those eager for more responsibility and the chance to tackle challenges every day, the CIA is the ticket to the highest levels of leadership. Executive positions possible with the CIA include chief audit executive, finance director, internal audit director and vice president of internal audit. 

Certified Internal Auditors are in demand

A swiftly moving global economy and rising compliance pressures are combining to increase the demand for more and better internal auditors.  

The auditing and accounting profession is projected to grow by 11% through 2024. The 2019 Robert Half Salary Guide reports that internal auditors are a hot commodity, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 10% increase in internal auditor hires through 2026. 

Today’s internal auditor position is shifting away from financial auditing and toward risk-based auditing that protects and strengthens the value of the enterprise. 

As the stakes rise, CIAs have the proof to say that they are the best in the business. They are indispensable for their power to supply assurance on risk management, corporate governance, internal control and operations in a wide range of business conditions.  

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