As you’re looking for the best way to study for the CIA Exam, it might feel like traditional Certified Internal Auditor study materials are the only options available to you. The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) recommends several different review courses, but most follow a traditional study method. These CIA Review courses emphasize going over course materials over and over and at the same rate. In theory, if you put in the time, you’ll learn the internal auditing information you need to know for the exam. But sometimes it can feel like your ratio of learning to study time is off (like many of the hours of exam preparation aren’t as helpful to your learning as you’d like).

If you’ve ever felt like this, you might be on to something; there’s plenty of research out there to suggest that studying more doesn’t necessarily mean learning more. The key is to study efficiently, spending each hour of studying actually learning and retaining information. With an adaptive learning course, you can break away from traditional, time-intensive study tools, with CIA study materials that reduce study time and improve study efficiency.

How Adaptive Learning Technology is Helping CIA Candidates Pass in Less Time

Certified Internal Auditor study materials utilizing adaptive learning technology helps students study more efficiently, look objectively at their likelihood to pass, and pass faster than traditional test prep materials. So what, exactly, does adaptive learning technology do that traditional materials don’t? Let’s look at three ways adaptive learning technology helps CIA candidates study more efficiently:

1. It Engages the Brain Differently

Certified Internal Auditors are always looking for connections within information, and similar to the career, adaptive learning technology breaks away from the memorization model and seeks to build knowledge through relationships. Our brains tend to remember information better if we relate it to other concepts, like bringing the essentials of internal auditing that you’ve learned in your work experience into your CIA Exam studies. Adaptive learning technology helps us build these relationships through a rotation in content areas, access to bite-sized video lectures, and answers to questions with explanations, references, and links.

2. It Develops Your Knowledge Gaps

Truly adaptive software has a unique algorithm that analyzes your answers to multiple-choice questions and figures out your strong and weak areas. Areas where you are competent are reinforced, but the real focus is on the parts of the CIA Exam where you struggle.
In a linear or traditional learning model, it’s up to the candidate to decide where they’re strong and where they’re weak, often leading to a disproportionate amount of studying and memorizing exam questions in each area. Adaptive technology does the work for you and strategically presents topics to help you learn the best throughout the course. This leads to fewer hours spent studying, and less stress surrounding your study process.

3. It Creates a Study Plan Based on Your Schedule

Truly adaptive technology is highly individualized and seeks to have you ready in time for your CIA Exam date. It takes into account when you can study and for how long, and creates daily study materials to help you stay on track to pass the exam on your given date.
As you progress, the technology will keep you updated on whether or not you’re ready to sit for the exam. When you approach your exam date, you’ll have an objective idea as to whether or not you’ll pass, without having to take a practice exam to find out. This takes even more stress out of your study life, because you don’t have to guess whether or not you’re ready to pass.

Finding Truly Adaptive Certified Internal Auditor Study Materials

Not all “adaptive” courses are created equal; significant time and technology needs to be invested in the course to make it a truly adaptive and individualized self-study review program. Look for the following features in Certified Internal Auditor study materials to ensure it is truly adaptive:

  • You start out with an assessment phase that judges your knowledge gaps.
  • You don’t have to watch every video, memorize every flashcard, read all material, and answer every practice question in the test bank. Your learning should be tailored to your individual learning and your existing business knowledge for internal auditing; if you and a friend took the CIA exam together and had the same prep course, you would be covering different learning materials every day.
  • There’s a study planner that takes into account when you can study and when you’re taking your exam.
  • There is a performance indicator letting you know if you’re ready to take the exam or not, without having to take a practice test to find out.

Surgent is proud to offer A.S.A.P. Technology™ to help all CIA candidates on their paths to the CIA certification, an adaptive learning course that helps you focus on your weaknesses and pass the CIA exam.

Are you ready to try an adaptive learning method for yourself?

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