Everything evolves, and that includes the CPA Exam. As AICPA discovered in recent years, the exam hadn’t kept pace with the needs of accounting firms. They were hiring fewer accountants and more people skilled in data analytics, IT and cybersecurity.  

The discovery prompted AICPA and NASBA to develop the CPA Evolution licensure model, a revision of the CPA Exam to reflect the needs of employers and clients. The AICPA’s new blueprint prepares exam candidates for a restructured exam that recognizes the array of skills in demand in today’s accounting landscape. 

Will you be ready? Consider how the blueprint updates the CPA Exam sections and content presented here and plot your path to CPA Exam success. 

A look at 2024 CPA Exam changes 

There’s a lot to ingest in the blueprint, but keep in mind that the changes are more structural than content related. A small amount of content is eliminated, while the remainder is shuffled around to constitute three core sections, down from the familiar four, and three discipline-specific exams – and no, you don’t have to take all three of the new discipline tests. Only one is required, because the whole purpose behind this exercise is building a corps of future-ready accountants adept at in-demand specialties. 

Let’s take a look at the graphic summing up what’s called the “Core plus Discipline” model: 

A chart of the CPA Evolution changes including the current CPA Exam, 3 core Exams and 3 Discipline Exams

Before the January 2024 transition, note these important items:  

  • The last day to sit for the current AUD, FAR, BEC and REG before CPA Evolution takes effect is Dec. 15, 2023.  
  • The last day the NASBA Gateway System will process Authorizations to Test and Notices to Schedule for BEC is Nov. 15, 2023. Watch NASBA for application deadlines. 
  • If you pass the AUD, FAR and REG sections of the current CPA Exam, you will not need to pass their new versions in 2024. 
  • If you pass the current version of BEC, you will not need to take a discipline section. 
  • It’s recommended that CPA candidates take the BEC in 2023, before CPA Evolution takes effect, because it has the highest pass rate of the four current cores. If you don’t pass, sign up immediately to take it again.  
  • Revised tests will not be administered until at least Jan. 10, 2024, to give testing centers time to prepare for the transition. 
  • If you fail a discipline section, you can switch to a different discipline if you think it’s a better option.  

What are the new discipline sections? 

Since the discipline sections are driving the whole initiative and can influence the direction of your career, it’s important to understand what each one covers.  

The core FAR, AUD and REG sections will continue to test your knowledge of the universal principles of accounting. The former Business Environment and Concepts core exam will now disappear, replaced by the discipline sections that probe more deeply into: 

  • Business Analysis and Reporting (BAR) 
  • Information Systems and Controls (ISC) 
  • Tax Compliance and Planning (TCP)  

Read below for the content incorporated into each discipline section. 

What is BAR? 

Business Analysis and Reporting (BAR) will cover assurance or advisory services, financial statement analysis and reporting, technical accounting, financial and operations management. It’s expected that more than 50% of students will take the BAR discipline exam. 

Major content:  

  • Non-financial performance  
  • Capital structure and operations  
  • COSO enterprise risk management and its application to ESG  
  • Managerial accounting and cost accounting  
  • Variance analysis  
  • Leases  
  • State and local government and NFP accounting  
  • Derivatives and hedge accounting returns  
  • Consolidation and business combinations  
  • Revenue recognition application and analysis   

What is ISC? 

Information Systems Control (ISC) measures your technological expertise, covering business processes, information security and governance, information systems and IT audit. 

Major content: 

  • Information systems and data management 
  • Security, confidentiality, and privacy 
  • Considerations for System and Organization Controls (SOC) engagements 
  • Deeper level of understanding of IT than was covered in BEC 
  • Regulations, standards, and frameworks 
  • COSO frameworks applied to cloud computing, blockchain and cybersecurity 
  • Change management 
  • Security risks and controls 

What is TCP? 

Tax Compliance and Planning (TCP) will cover individual tax compliance and planning, personal finance planning, entity tax compliance and planning. 

Major content:  

  • Tax compliance  
  • Personal finance planning 
  • Entity tax compliance 
  • Entity tax planning 
  • Property transactions 
  • Formation and liquidation of entities 
  • Use of losses by taxpayers to minimize tax liability 
  • Tax implications of foreign income 
  • Computation of income and deductions for a trust 

5 key takeaways about CPA Evolution 

Chances are, you still have questions about CPA Evolution. These top five takeaways put the changes in perspective: 

1. Parts passed before Jan. 1, 2024, still count toward licensure. 

  • Passed sections are grandfathered in, with no retesting needed. 
  • The 18-month window is extended another 18 months on Jan. 1, 2024. 
  • If you passed BEC before 2024, it would replace the discipline section requirement. 
  • AUD, FAR and REG will carry over and serve as core credit. 

2. The 18-month passing window remains in effect. 

  • Candidates who passed any section after July 1, 2022, will get an extension until June 30, 2025.  
  • Pass any section in 2023, and your 18-month clock will reset on Jan. 1, 2024. 

3. The discipline does not need to be your field of study. 

  • Take the discipline you think you can pass on first attempt. 
  • Existing college curriculum suggests this will be BAR. 

4. Take your discipline immediately after the core section associated with it, which means: 

  • FAR > BAR 
  • AUD > ISC 
  • REG > TCP 

5. Account for blackout dates.  

Discipline exams can only be taken in certain months, so make sure you plan ahead. Here are the tentative testing windows for core and discipline sections under the new CPA Exam model: 

  • Q1 testing window for discipline sections: Jan. 10-Feb. 6 
  • Q2 testing window for discipline sections: April 20-May 19 
  • Q3 testing window for discipline sections: July 1-July 31 
  • Q4 testing window for discipline sections: Oct. 1-Oct. 31 
  • Q1 testing window for core sections: Jan. 10-March 26 
  • Q2 testing window for core sections: April 1-June 25 
  • Q3 testing window for core sections: July 1-Sept. 25 
  • Q4 testing window for core sections: Oct. 1-Dec. 26 

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