The CPA Exam is no joke. Even compared to some of the more advanced professional certification exams, the CPA Exam stands out as one of the most difficult. Between the four exams you have to pass within an 18-month period, the cumulative 16 hours you spend testing, and the total amount of study time you put in to each exam, the CPA Exam is a beast.

Yet here you are, ready to jump into studying in order to secure one of the requirements to get those three letters behind your name. At Surgent, we know how difficult the exam is (believe me, we’ve all been there), and we know how much of an accomplishment it is to pass. We also know you’re determined and you’re looking for the best resources to get you through each of the four parts.

Your success is why we’re here.


Our why is you


We do what we do at Surgent because we genuinely want to see you succeed. We didn’t just create a generic rubric aimed to help some people pass; our goal is to see every one of our students pass, and our approach is completely geared toward the individual. That’s why we’ve created your unique, secret weapon to success: individualized student support.


The biggest obstacle to passing


Navigating the CPA Exam is overwhelming without some guidance and accountability. The more instruction you have from mentors in the field, the better off you’re going to be when studying and taking the exam. The biggest obstacle for many students is that the guidance offered with most courses is very general and no one is really holding them accountable.


Review programs offer study material and study schedules meant to apply to everyone. There is very little individual guidance. There’s no one there helping you through the material, answering your questions in a timely manner, and making sure you’re staying on schedule. In most review courses, the onus is on you to figure out which methods are going to help you pass.


Our remedy and your secret weapon – student support


At Surgent, we know there is no “one size fits all” learning experience for the CPA Exam. Students learn differently, they learn at different paces, and they benefit greatly from guidance and accountability. We took this knowledge and developed your secret weapon to exam success: individualized student support.


Both Premier Pass and Ultimate Pass provide one-on-one coaching to students. Our success coaches are with you every step of the way; they assist you with studying strategies, provide additional guidance for content, and give you feedback to keep you accountable and progressing through the course. They also give test taking tips and help you explore your weak areas. It’s like having a study buddy who is both an expert at the material and an expert at your strengths and weaknesses.


Our unparalleled support helps our students learn the material more efficiently, while also keeping them motivated through the process. By getting the assistance they need when they need it, students enjoy fewer hours of study and an 88% pass rate.


We value our student’s time and we know how hard the CPA Exam is to pass. Our student support will give you the edge you need and the personalized experience you deserve to get you through all four sections of the exam. We’re here for you, and we want to see you succeed!