So, you’re studying for your bachelor’s degree, or maybe a master’s degree, with dreams to go into public accounting? Even more, you want to start on the journey to becoming a licensed CPA (Certified Public Accountant)? That’s great, and you’re already on your way to meeting the education requirements of an Accounting degree! And while it is hard work, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems.

In fact, CPA candidates can be ready to pass an exam section first-time with a study time as short as 46 hours with the right study material and test prep. But it can still seem a little daunting, juggling the uniform CPA Exam alongside your University coursework. That’s why Surgent CPA Review co-founder Liz Kolar recently sat down with us to share her top 3 CPA Exam study tips for college seniors. Here’s what she had to say:

Study for the CPA Exam while you’re still in school

You’ll be more likely to excel in your classes and will be better prepared for the exam! Some MBA degree programs in the United States even include CPA examination study sessions as part and parcel of their curriculum. That’s because the content in accounting courses and the content you pour all of your effort into during semester hours are, for the most part, pretty similar. Using your accounting experience will only help you pass the uniform cpa examination and get you on a faster track to licensure.

Take the CPA Exam as close to graduation as possible

Aiming for an exam date immediately post-graduation can be a huge help, because you’ll have most of the knowledge you need anyway. In fact, studies have shown that recent college grads do well on their exam scores, and even have the highest first-time pass rates out of any other group on the CPA Exam! While the CPA Exam requirements vary state by state, and typically the student will need 120 school credit hours to meet the educational requirements.

If you can, try to sit for an exam section that you’re currently studying for in school

Makes sense, right? If you’re taking an auditing class in college, you’re more likely to be prepared for the AUD section of the CPA Exam and will then start the 18-month window to complete BEC, REG and FAR. If business law is your thing, consider sitting for REG first.

College students are busy as it is, there’s no doubt about that – but with study sessions that fit around your schedule and learning style, as well as access to unlimited practice exams, Surgent CPA Review Course can have you ready to pass on exam day. Try Surgent Exam Review for free today, and get on the fast track to your CPA license.

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