Graduation is fast approaching. It is hard to believe 4+ years have gone by already. While there is still time left before the big day, now is the time to start thinking about preparing and applying for the CPA Exam.  The summer after college graduation is the best time to begin taking the CPA Exam.  Studies have shown that candidates who take the exam right out of college have higher pass rates than candidates who take the exam even three months later. Why? I think you know the reasons. Do you remember how quickly you forgot what you studied after taking an exam in college? Was it a week, a day, 5 minutes (Ha! Ha!)

You also lose study skills quickly after graduating from college. Do you recall how rusty you felt after returning to college from summer vacation?

Before you take off for the post-graduation fun-filled week or two of activities, apply for the CPA Exam around mid-May. Beginning early June, you need to hit the books, so you will be ready to take your first section of the CPA Exam in July.

Here is a simple five-step plan to get the CPA Exam process started:

1. Review the application requirements for your jurisdiction.
You must meet the education requirements before you apply to take the CPA Exam.

2. Develop your study plan and begin studying.

3. Apply to take the CPA Exam.  Be sure to send your transcripts and pay the application and examination fees. Your application may be approved within two to four weeks if all your documentation is complete.

4. Once your application is approved, you will receive a “Notice to Schedule” (NTS).  You must have a valid NTS to schedule your exam.

5. Schedule your exam at

For additional advice on how to pass the CPA Exam please check out the Surgent CPA Review website. When it’s time to prepare for the CPA Exam, choose Surgent CPA Prep.