Becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) is a time-consuming but worthwhile endeavor. For many accounting students and new accounting professionals, passing the exam and getting a CPA license is the ultimate goal. Becoming a CPA can lead to job security, a higher salary and advancement opportunities. 

A CPA license is the industry standard for ensuring accounting professionals have the education and experience to uphold the highest financial and ethical standards. When you decided to embark on your accounting career, you knew this was the path you wanted to pursue.  

You decided to partner with a CPA exam review provider to help you achieve your goal. You invested a lot of time, money and effort studying for the CPA exam. You’re committed to earning your CPA, but you have hit a roadblock. Maybe you failed one or more sections of the CPA exam. Maybe you’re concerned about the amount of time you have to pass all four sections of the exam. Maybe you’re thinking of abandoning your dream of becoming a CPA. Don’t be discouraged. Maybe all you need is a new partner to get you to your goals. 

Fear, anxiety and doubt are setting in because you’re uncertain about your future. But if you’re questioning your current career path, it’s not too late to make a change. Here are three reasons you should consider switching exam review providers.  

1. You’re losing confidence  

Nothing is worse than investing your own time, money and effort into something and coming up short. When you purchased a course with your current exam review provider, you hoped that they would adequately prepare you for the CPA exam. You spent hundreds of hours studying for the CPA exam, so it’s natural to feel dejected if you did not pass.

You might be questioning whether you should throw in the towel and give up your pursuit of earning the CPA designation. But what if there was a better option that you knew with 100% certainty would help you pass the CPA Exam? What if that other option could save you hundreds of hours of study time and better prepare you for the exam?  

Surgent CPA Review offers best-in-class Predictive AI technology and a 100% pass guarantee* so you can head into exam day knowing you’re ready to pass the CPA Exam.  

*Applies to Premier and Ultimate packages only

2. You’re feeling overwhelmed

You’re working long hours. You’re not working out as much as you want and you have little time to spend with family and friends. You’re stretched thin. You want to dedicate yourself to passing the CPA Exam but your current exam review provider hasn’t cut it.  

You might find yourself asking: Is paying for another exam review provider worth it? The upfront cost of paying for another exam review provider pales in comparison to the potential earnings you get with the CPA credential. The CPA designation often comes with a hefty pay raise.  

To help lessen the financial burden, Surgent CPA Review offers a discounted price for students who switch from another exam review provider. With proof of purchase of a competitor’s product, we will offer discounts for individual sections, Essentials Pass, Premier Pass and Ultimate Pass full 4-part course. We are committed to helping you pass, and we know you will with Surgent! 

This one-time investment in a review provider that can get you across the finish line can pay huge dividends in your professional career. Surgent CPA Review will help you reach your professional goals and do it at a discount in time and money.  

3. Fear of the unknown  

You know the clock is ticking for you to pass the CPA exam. You’re not sure what the CPA exam will look like. Don’t let the fear of the unknown take charge. Choose the right exam review partner to help quell your fears. 

Surgent puts you on a path to success

Surgent CPA Review can put you on the fastest track to passing the CPA Exam. Our students can save as much as 40% in study time using Predictive AI technology, our adaptive learning software. Not only is our adaptive learning technology more efficient, it yields better results. Our ReadySCORE™ feature predicts with 98% accuracy what you will score on the actual CPA Exam.  

In addition to Surgent’s time saving technology and exam readiness tools, Surgent greatly improves your chances of passing the CPA exam. However, if something goes wrong, Surgent’s pass guarantee* means you don’t lose your prep course investment.   *Applies to the Premier and Ultimate packages only.
*Applies to the Premier and Ultimate packages only.

Ready to make the switch?

If your current exam review provider isn’t working. It’s time to make a change. Surgent CPA Review can help restore your faith that you’re ready to tackle the CPA Exam and realize your dream of becoming a CPA. Switch and save with Surgent CPA Review

Not convinced? Sign up for a free trial of Surgent CPA Review instead and try our adaptive learning software yourself. 

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