Surgent’s ReadySCORE is an industry-leading score prediction metric. With extreme accuracy, you’ll know the moment you’re ready to take your exam. ReadySCORE is included in all Surgent’s exam review prep courses so you can walk into your test confident and prepared to pass.

How ReadySCORE gives you a boost

  • Measures your proficiency in various exam topics 
  • Tells you exactly when to stop studying and take the exam
  • Builds confidence you’ll pass

How ReadySCORE works

“My ReadySCOREs were all between 81 and 85 and I passed all tests with scores between 88 and 96. I felt it prepared me more than adequately and in very little time compared to other programs.”

Tanner Thompson, Commercial Banking

designed for total confidence

How is ReadySCORE different from other score predictors?

Unlike other providers’ exam readiness metrics, ReadySCORE updates in real time. It does much more than gauge your starting point – it tells you how you’re progressing through your studies.

  • Updates in real time as you complete study quizzes
  • Considers weightings of different exam sections and topics
  • Provides a trustworthy, conservative estimate
  • Available per category, per topic, and overall
Readyscore on tablet and phone

Readyscore on desktop

What can I expect?

  • Your initial diagnostic exam gives you a starting ReadySCORE.
  • Measure your proficiency in various topics and categories as you go.
  • When your overall ReadySCORE is green, you know you’re ready to sit for your exam.