Failing the CPA Exam isn’t a great feeling, but with four separate sections, each with a pass rate around 50%, it’s likely candidates will have one failure under their belt before they pass. It can be intimidating to jump back into the game after you’ve failed the CPA Exam, but with the right study plan we know you can reach that 75. Here, we’ll talk about

Four reasons Surgent switchers love adaptive technology, and how you can use it to pass the CPA Exam.

1. It tailors questions to your weaknesses

If there’s one particular thing our students always mention when they talk about Surgent, it’s that the course targets and mitigates weak areas. Cam Mirkhani, who took the exam in 2017, and Jonathan Marseglia, who took the exam in 2018, considered the adaptive learning technology to be the best aspect of the course. Questions were tailored specifically to their weaknesses, and they didn’t’ have to worry about consistently seeing the same questions they had already answered correctly. They both decreased their study time and increased their comprehension.

During the Assessment Phase of the course, quizzes are used to gauge your knowledge and understand where you’re strong and where you’re weak. The system then builds a plan to focus on subjects and practice areas where you need more help. By the end of the course, you’ll have a thorough knowledge of your strong and weak areas.

2. It keeps you on track with a personalized study plan

Traditional study materials are based on a one-size-fits-all model. Maybe that one size fits some, but if you’ve failed the CPA exam, the course you have might not be the best fit.

Surgent’s adaptive learning technology ensures the course you have is tailored specifically to your needs. After you finish the Assessment phase, you’ll receive a customized study plan that adapts daily and is based on when you’re available to study. As time goes on, your study plan will adjust to account for concepts you’ve mastered or areas you still need to work on.

Every day you log in to study, you’ll have your Daily Surge on your dashboard which suggests videos, quizzes and study material for each session. By offering this feature, Surgent takes the guess work out of studying; the technology tells you what you need to learn and when you need to learn it. You can also use the Selective Study feature to work on topics you’d like to go over again.

3. Simulations are built on mastery

Surgent’s A.S.A.P. Technology eases you into the simulations once you’ve mastered practice questions. This method gets you very familiar with the material before you jump into simulations, which tend to be more tricky than multiple-choice questions.

Simulations are introduced slowly, your study planner will add more as you continue to strengthen your knowledge, and the technology will deliver the simulations you need to practice with most. If you’ve failed the CPA Exam in the past, this method is a great way to encourage confidence on the simulations for a better exam experience.

4. Know when you’re ready for the CPA Exam

One of the most tiresome questions CPA Exam candidates ask themselves is, “am I ready to take the CPA Exam?” If you’ve failed the CPA Exam in the past, it can be even more stressful to determine if you’re prepared enough to sit again.

Adaptive technology alleviates this pain by letting you know when you’re ready to sit for the exam. The system will focus on practice exams, which have been updated to be as similar as possible to the real exam, and will keep you up to date on your ReadySCORE™. Students with an overall ReadySCORE of at least 75% pass nearly 90% of the time. You can keep an eye on your ReadySCORE to make sure you’re ready to sit and pass.

Bottom line: Surgent helps students pass faster

When it all boils down, the point of a CPA review course is to pass the CPA Exam. A.S.A.P. Technology, our proprietary adaptive learning software, provides a personalized approach that values your time and helps you get a 75 (or more!) while studying far less than you would with any other provider. If you’ve failed the CPA Exam but are ready to jump back in, check out Surgent’s free trial and Pass Guarantee. Go into the next CPA Exam section with confidence.

Megan Bierwirth graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and passed the CPA Exam within six months of graduation. She worked in both public accounting and industry while becoming a CPA and now runs a virtual bookkeeping company focused on preventive, integrative and complementary medicine professionals.

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