For many years, IMA has conducted a salary survey of its members around the world for the sixth consecutive year, comparing compensation, assessing the value of education and certification, and more. Spanning more than 4,000 responses, and 80 different countries, we’ve gathered the high-level key findings from the survey below!

CMAs Earn 60% More Than Non-CMAs

This is particularly interesting given that 51% of CMAs in this year’s survey received their certification within the last two years, meaning they have only just begun to experience the added impact of having a certification

The Majority of People in Top Management and Senior Management are CMAs

With statistics like 62% and 61%, respectively, the value a CMA can bring is clear. Not only that but the following job titles were more likely to be filled by CMAs than non-CMAs: CFO (67%), controller (59%), director of financial planning and analysis (63%), and senior financial analyst (66%).

Holding a CMA and a CPA Can Boost Your Income by 55%

Those holding only the CMA earn 36% higher median total compensation, while those holding only the CPA earn 29% higher median total compensation. Those holding both certifications earn 55% higher median total compensation.

87% of non-CMAs in the survey said they intend to pursue the certification in the future.

With more than 40,000 active CMAs, and 80,000 candidates in the current pipeline, the CMA certification is well known and showing no sign of slowing down.

Although the economic outlook hangs in the balance, the results of this year’s salary survey provide a ray of optimism for IMA members. The global reach of the CMA continues to grow, and the value is increasingly more recognized with compensation. Read the whole results report here, or start a free trial of our CMA Review Course to get ahead in your career.