Zain is a cybersecurity, technology, and IT audit professional with 10 years of experience delivering and managing large-scale and complex IT and cybersecurity audits. Zain is a Senior Cybersecurity Audit Manager with Manulife, a multinational insurance company and financial services provider headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Before Manulife, Zain worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Toronto, where he led and delivered various third-party assurance engagements in different industries, including telecommunications, technology service providers, financial services, and asset management. Zain is an academic development and teaching enthusiast, and is currently partnered with York University in Toronto to develop and deliver a comprehensive, 6-month IT audit execution program. Zain is also actively involved in lecturing IT and cybersecurity undergraduate courses at top Canadian universities, including York University and the University of Toronto.