Once you pass those four dreaded sections of the CPA Exam, it doesn’t mean you’ve reached the finish line! The next step is to apply for your certification. There are requirements you must fulfill before you can put those three letters (CPA) at the end of your name. It’s important that while you prepare for the exam, you do the necessary research to determine your state’s requirements and construct a plan to satisfy those requirements.

Requirements are not the same for everyone

Sorry, the CPA certification requirements are not the same for everyone. The requirements vary by state and are set by that state’s Board of Accountancy. What does remain the same across each jurisdiction is something called the “Three E’s.” Anyone pursuing their CPA designation needs to fulfill an Education requirement, an Exam requirement, and an Experience requirement. You can find out the specifics for your state/jurisdiction here.

Experience requirement options

For the Experience requirement, one year of experience is the typical standard, but the number of specific requirements to meet that standard can vary by state. Also, these hours need to be verified by a licensed CPA.

However, what if you are not working for a licensed CPA? No worries, NASBA is changing the rules a bit and will now offer an Experience Verification Service! Applicants will be guided by a Client Manager through the verification process and an interview with a licensed CPA will be conducted. NASBA is currently providing this service for 10 jurisdictions (depicted below) and will be adding more very soon! Visit the NASBA site for more information on this service.