Surgent is committed to helping students get exam ready in as little time as possible, and we’re constantly optimizing our course to reflect that goal. Recently, we released a difficulty progression feature called MyMCQ™ that uses machine learning to show you the multiple-choice questions you need to see to help you gain the more advanced competency level you’ll need in all topic areas for the exam. Instead of taking a study-everything approach where you waste hundreds of hours going over questions and content that you already know, Surgent CPA Review serves you only the content and questions you need to get exam ready. That’s how our review course is getting candidates ready to sit for an exam section in just 58 hours, on average.

Paired with A.S.A.P.® Technology, our adaptive learning technology that serves students the content they need to see to succeed, MyMCQ evaluates which multiple-choice questions suit your current competency level. As you start the course, MyMCQ will serve you multiple-choice questions that encourage you to build on the knowledge you already have. As you progress through the course, you will see the multiple-choice questions increase in difficulty to better match your increased knowledge level. Since the addition of MyMCQ to the course, Surgent students already have decreased their study time to exam readiness by 17%!

See what Surgent’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Liz Kolar, has to say about how MyMCQ can help you pass the CPA Exam.

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