The National Association of Enrolled Agents has partnered with Surgent EA Review to offer you Pt 1 (Individuals) of Surgent’s EA Review Course for free.

All of Surgent EA Review’s courses are powered by a proprietary adaptive learning software, A.S.A.P. Technology™, which enables candidates to pass the EA Exam more efficiently and effectively than ever before by crafting personalized study programs for each candidate.

And thanks to our ReadySCORE™ feature, which is closely calibrated to real EA Exam scoring, you’ll see exactly how you’re performing in every content area, and at every stage of your studies, so you know when you’re ready to pass the EA Exam!

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Surgent EA Core Features

Personalized Study Plans
A.S.A.P. Technology finds YOUR fastest path to a passing score, optimizing your study sessions each time you log in.
Automatic Updates
Rest easy knowing you’re always studying up-to-date material.
Mobile Friendly
So you can study whenever and wherever works for you.
Indicates performance, so you know exactly when you’re ready to sit for the exam!
Bite-Sized Videos
Forget 2-hour lectures. Our videos last just 10-20 minutes and focus specific, digestible topics.

A.S.A.P. Technology Phases Overview


By completing a series of questions pulled from all exam areas, you’ll establish your baseline, or your ReadySCORE™, in this phase. Find out how you’d score if you sat for the CPA Exam today, where your key weaknesses lie, plus how many study hours
you need to achieve a passing score.