Host: Joshua Jenson, CPA

Guest: Jose Zavala

Artificial intelligence has impacted so many different facets of the accounting professional’s day-to-day routine. Accounting automation can include process automation, incorporate machine learning in data entry on a real-time basis, or simplify accounting tasks such as bookkeeping and other repetitive processes. Nowadays there’s a need for multi-talented CPAs to have skills such as knowledge of data analytics and have an adeptness to learning new technologies and accounting software.

JJ and Jose discuss the concept of automation, what it means to automate accounting processes in the business world, and specifically what this means for accounting firms. Several examples are discussed to give ideas to those in accountancy on how to save time and actually improve clients’ experience with your services. Listen to this podcast and familiarize yourself with the concept of automation; you may find yourself ahead of the curve either ahead of the curve, or learn about new tools that will reduce the amount of manual work and tedious tasks required for your business to operate.

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