Host: Joshua Jenson, CPA


  • Hector Hernandez, Independent Financial Advisor

  • Juan Garcia

Financial advisors are responsible for a number of accounting practices within their organizations. Financial planning, estate planning, personal financial planning, tax planning, wealth management, advisory services — you name it! While all financial advisors are accounting professionals, that doesn’t mean they are also certified public accountants. In fact, these two professionals in accountancy must create a symbiotic relationship to coexist beneficially in their industry.

In this episode of The Surge, Joshua and Hector discuss how financial advisors view the accounting profession and how they interact with certified public accountants. They address how a financial advisor successfully creates, builds, and maintains a relationship with a CPA. Then the two reverse engineer this process for CPAs to better understand how they are viewed by the financial industry, and how CPAs can have better working relationships with financial advisors. At the tail end, Juan Garcia, discusses how CPAs can better share their value to attract positive referrals from financial advisors.

Whether you’re a financial advisor or a certified public accountant, this podcast will equip you with the tools to understanding both professions, and how financial planners, managers, and advisors can better work with CPAs, CPA firms, business owners, and more. No matter if its tax season, year-end accounting, or generally fostering a better relationship — CPAs and CFPs can work together to achieve organizational financial goals, help manage personal finance for clients, and generally benefit the accounting industry as a whole.

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