My name is Brandon Vagner, CPA, PhD, former KPMG Manager, and founder of CPA Exam Success and Test Prep Store. I can’t tell you how many people talk to me about wanting to pass the CPA Exam as quickly as possibly. Why is that? Well, for most people, it’s because they just want to get back to their normal lifestyle.

When studying for the CPA Exam, everyone has to make sacrifices. Typically, those sacrifices come in the form of giving up valuable free time with family and friends. It also means giving up hobbies and time used to relax. No one wants to give these things up, and so many people try to reduce their CPA Exam study time in any way they possibly can. One key thing to know though is that there is a right and wrong way to go about trying to reduce your study time, and choosing the right CPA review course is a big part of that. Before you choose a CPA Review course, do your research.

On the fence about a faster CPA Exam review course? Here are three reasons why a speedy CPA Exam Review can benefit you:

1. Helps you pass the CPA Exam before your start date

The #1 benefit of a speedy CPA Exam review is passing before you start your full-time job. If you can start sitting during the spring semester of your graduation year and complete all parts by late summer at the latest, you will be in great shape. Starting your full-time job with no CPA Exam stress will significantly help you focus on your career and enable you to enjoy networking events in your free time.

2. Keeps you motivated during the CPA Exam

If there is one thing that will keep you motivated through the entire CPA Exam process, it is seeing ‘Pass’ on a frequent basis. Being able to pass individual sections with less than one month of studying will give you confidence as you move through the remaining sections. Passing quickly helps keep motivation levels high and is a large part of keeping you focused during your last couple of sections. The CPA Exam is a marathon, and it’s incredibly important to stay motivated. A speedy CPA Exam review can help facilitate that motivation.

3. Makes you look like a rock star

CPA firm management see associates struggle with the CPA Exam all the time. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence, but the CPA Exam process allows a select amount of associates to really shine in the eyes of management.  If you can be one of the associates who passes the CPA Exam either before you start or within a short period of time, then that really says something about your technical skills and ability to focus and get through a difficult process.  Showing management that you can pass the CPA Exam quickly is a great way to make a name for yourself.

So we know a speedy CPA Exam review can benefit you, but how do you go about finding a speedy review? My guess is that the last standardized course you took was a GMAT course. The CPA Exam review course industry is completely different than the GMAT prep industry. Here is one really important thing to consider: when a CPA Exam review course provider advertises adaptive learning as a feature, make sure you understand exactly what they mean by ‘adaptive learning.’ Not all review courses are built the same when it comes to adaptive learning capabilities, and having a course that adjusts to your learning needs can significantly reduce the required study time.

Surgent CPA Review is a wonderful CPA Exam review course provider if you’re looking for a speedy review. Their platform is built for speed and has market leading adaptive learning technology that continually keeps you on your optimum path to success. Not all CPA Exam review courses are created equal when it comes to adaptive learning, but Surgent CPA Review is determined to shake things up within the CPA Exam review industry with their market leading adaptive learning technology.

Surgent CPA Review touts an 89% pass rate for candidates who prepped with their CPA Exam review course. They are so confident in their product that they offer a ‘Pass Guarantee,’ which states that if you fail the CPA Exam after studying with Surgent, they will refund your tuition to the course, or they will grant you access until you do pass.

If you’re interested in learning about Surgent CPA Review’s adaptive learning capabilities, check out my Surgent CPA Review ratings in my in-depth analysis. I also make available to you a great Surgent CPA Review discount if you’re interested in purchasing their product.

Brandon Vagner is a CPA, PhD, and former KPMG Manager. He has obtained his bachelor’s degree in Accounting, master’s of Accountancy, and PhD in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting. While at KPMG, Brandon’s audit engagements included primarily large public companies, but he also had a number of small private company clients as well. He currently lives in Nashville, TN, where he will soon be starting as a full-time Assistant Professor of Accountancy at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).  Disclaimer: Brandon Vagner is an affiliate of Surgent CPA Review.