DEVON, Pa – Surgent CPA Review, the fastest-growing CPA Exam prep program in the industry, today announced the release of its next generation platform technology, which features new and proprietary A.S.A.P.® Technology.

The new A.S.A.P. Technology, whose acronym stands for Adaptive Study and Accelerated Performance, is an advanced adaptive learning system that provides CPA candidates with a hyper-personalized, guided study experience that greatly reduces the amount of study time needed to pass the CPA Exam. By combining revolutionary programming and best practices in learning theory and design, A.S.A.P. Technology continually serves customized study plans to each student throughout the course of their CPA Exam preparation based on their unique and evolving knowledge gaps and strengths.

This next-generation product builds upon Surgent CPA Review’s already-adaptive platform, now providing even more intelligent and intuitive features to help students study precisely what they need to learn in order to pass all four parts of the very challenging — and soon to become even more challenging — CPA Exam. Examples of these new features include new assessment quizzes that help tailor study plans more precisely, new Surge™ cards on student dashboards that provide customized daily study suggestions, improved integration between study content and reference texts, and new content that is fully aligned to the AICPA’s announced changes due to appear in the CPA Exam this April.

Elizabeth Kolar, CPA, CGMA, Vice President and co-founder of Surgent CPA Review, said: “The fact is that the CPA Exam is becoming increasingly challenging to pass. More content continues to be added, new types of skills are being assessed, the structure of the exam is changing, all while today’s students seem to be more time-constrained than ever. That’s why we made a multi-million dollar investment to take our adaptive learning platform to the next level. The result, our new A.S.A.P. Technology, will enable students to pass the CPA Exam even more reliably while having to spend far fewer hours studying than ever before.”

Current Surgent CPA Review students, future CPA candidates, and accounting instructors were involved in developing and testing the new platform to ensure that the features were as intuitive and beneficial as possible.

“This latest release [of Surgent CPA Review] has a user-friendly layout that is easy for students to navigate,” said Chris Lyon, CPA, Senior Lecturer of Accounting at Fort Lewis College. “The feature that convinced me to use Surgent is the adaptive learning technology. Personalized study plans are created for each student based on a knowledge assessment. The concept of students studying what they don’t know rather than studying everything makes perfect sense.”

“Surgent CPA Review’s new 2017 CPA review course is amazing,” said Matthew Earle, a CPA candidate currently using the course. “The video lectures that Surgent provides are short, clear, and understandable. Whether you want to study a specific portion of a section or want to take a section practice exam, Surgent allows you to be the boss when it comes to how you study. The Surgent method is a method that any potential CPA should consider using when it comes to studying for the CPA exam.”

Surgent CPA Review’s A.S.A.P. Technology is available immediately and will replace the existing Surgent CPA Review platform.

Those interested in Surgent CPA Review may enroll in a free five-day trial course by visiting: