Crush the CPA Exam, the most popular third-party review and exam resource site for CPA Exam candidates, ranked Surgent CPA Review their top CPA Review provider for 2019.

Surgent CPA Review was recently named the number one ranked course for 2019 by Crush the CPA Exam, the industry’s most popular third-party review site. Crush the CPA Exam’s experts conducted extensive research and took into account a number of considerations before selecting Surgent CPA Review for the top spot in its Best CPA Review Course rankings.

“We are delighted to be recognized as the top CPA Review Course in 2019 by Crush the CPA Exam,” explained Liz Kolar, CPA, CGMA, course instructor and Surgent CPA Review co-founder. “As the first—and currently only—CPA Review course to incorporate true adaptive learning technology into our product, we know we provide a very different choice for CPA candidates compared to other providers. It’s exciting for Crush the CPA Exam, one of the most influential voices in CPA Review, to recognize that our unique approach is truly the best.”

Surgent CPA Review launched its adaptive learning platform, called A.S.A.P.® Technology, just over two years ago. Since that introduction, Surgent students have saved, on average, nearly 100 hours of study time per exam part, thanks to the fully customized study plans that the course provides. Part of the reason Surgent was recognized by Crush now is that the company continues to innovate and invest. Surgent recently introduced ReadySCORE™, the industry’s first and only measure of CPA Exam-readiness based on actual CPA Exam scoring and statistically-significant measures of each student’s progress.

ReadySCORE not only lets candidates know with confidence when they are ready to pass, but it provides a baseline assessment, so students know how many hours they need to study to reach a passing score. Surgent has found that on average, students who earn a ReadySCORE of 75 or higher pass the CPA Exam 88% of the time, and a student’s ReadySCORE is within 4% of their actual CPA Exam scores.

“There are many reasons why Surgent is currently the best option for CPA students: their course has excellent instructors, ample study material, and powerful technology under the hood that helps students learn quickly and effectively,” said Bryce Welker, founder of Crush the CPA Exam. “While it may seem like a steep investment, you really get what you pay for with the aid of extremely robust adaptive learning tools like ReadySCORE that blows all other prep courses out of the water. Highly recommended!”


This press release was originally published on PR Web.