We all have heard the saying, “Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.” Never before is this statement truer when it comes to taking the CPA Exam than it is today. Are you waiting to sit for the CPA Exam until you feel more prepared? Perhaps you want to get a little work experience under your belt. Maybe you are just waiting for life to slow down a bit. The truth is that you will never feel 100% ready to take the CPA exam, you will never feel like you have enough work experience, and life will never slow down.

And now, it is even more important to get the exam under your belt due to upcoming CPA Exam changes that will impact what the exam looks like. If you are waiting until after 2016 to take the exam, may I encourage you to take the exam now, if you are eligible, rather than waiting? Based on information provided by the AICPA in a recent survey to stakeholders, here is what some of those changes could look like:

  • There is a potential to change the number of sections that are tested on the CPA Exam. Currently, there are 4 sections (AUD, FAR, REG & BEC). The suggestion is to possibly reduce the # of sections to 3 or even reduce the sections to 3 and possibly add a 4th “capstone type” section.
  • There is a potential to move content between the final sections.
  • There is a potential to change the time limit to take the exam; currently two of the sections have a four-hour time limit on them and the other two have a three-hour limit for a total of 14 hours.
  • There is a potential for additional content to be added to the exam.
  • There is a potential to change the weighting of questions.
  • There is a potential to add media; such as audio, video and images to enhance the exam.

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