Congratulations on deciding to register for the CPA Exam! Here are the first steps in the CPA Exam application process:

Determine the state (jurisdiction) where you want to sit and obtain licensure.

  • Verify your eligibility requirements for both the CPA Exam and your license.
  • Visit to get all the information.
  • NASBA handles the CPA Exam application for 32 jurisdictions and provides links to all State Board of Accountancy websites.

Submit your exam application either to NASBA or the State Board of Accountancy for the state of your choice.

  • Note: the name on your application must appear exactly as it appears on your ID that you will take to the testing center.

The fee structure for the exam will vary by state. Each state has its own application fees, and fees are by section.

Order and send in all of your official school transcripts (include colleges, universities, community colleges, and private institutions).

Once your application is approved, you will receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS). This is your official document that authorizes you to sit for the CPA Exam. You will receive your NTS usually within 2-4 weeks of submission of your complete application. Please be sure to place the NTS in a safe location; you will need the NTS to enter the testing center.

  • Make note of the validation period on your Notice to Schedule.
  • Typically, you have 6 months to schedule your exam; however, in some states, the time period differs (Texas, 90 days; California, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Utah, 9 months; North and South Dakota and Virginia, 12 months).

You can now schedule your exam at the Prometric Testing Center of your choice. Visit to select the city, date, and time of your exam. Exams are administered in the first two months of each calendar quarter. In other words, you can sit for the exam in January/February, April/May, July/August, and October/November.

  • You cannot schedule until you receive your NTS.
  • Testing Centers fill up quickly; be flexible in your date/time.
  • You must schedule your exam appointment at least 10 days in advance; it is recommended to give yourself 30 days.

How Surgent CPA Review can help

If you still need to study for the CPA Exam, Surgent CPA Review is committed to making sure you are prepared to sit for the CPA Exam, regardless of when that may occur. Rest assured, our review course will include coverage of new question types and other exam changes. With our unlimited access to course materials, you will continue to receive course updates (content and functionality) throughout your review experience. If you have not started the review process, we suggest you get started sooner rather than later. To enroll in the Surgent CPA Prep course, visit our website, call 800-778-7436, or email us at