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Unhappy with another review provider? We don’t blame you. Fortunately, we make it easy to switch – and we offer a pass guarantee! If you’ve failed the CISA Exam with another course, switch to the course whose students are passing faster and achieving higher pass rates— and save $120!

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With Surgent CISA Review, you will study LESS and pass FASTER! The only truly adaptive course on the market, our proprietary A.S.A.P. Technology assesses candidates’ strengths, identifies unique areas of need, and creates hyper-personalized study plans. Real-time algorithms continuously adjust study material based on your progress. And our unique ReadySCORE feature estimates what you would score on the CISA Exam if you were to sit at that exact moment, giving you the confidence you need to know when you’re exam ready.


In short—we’ll reduce your study time by making it more effective.

Our Pass Guarantee

Buying Surgent is a risk-free process with our pass guarantee. If you fail the CISA Exam after using our CISA review course, Surgent will give you 100% tuition reimbursement. Read more about our pass guarantee – although, with pass rates so much higher than the national average, we don’t think you’ll need it.

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Eligibility Requirements
Students must be able to verify proof of purchase of a full course valued at least $175 to receive the discount. Failure to provide proof of purchase may result in being charged the difference between discounted and full price and/or loss of course access. A Surgent team member will follow up with you within three days of purchase to request verification.

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Eris J.

Surgent CISA Review is the fastest way to pass the CISA Exam.