Many students go into the CPA exam not knowing if they’re truly prepared to pass — but not Surgent learners.

With Surgent’s ReadyPASS, students complete a thorough, 150-question diagnostic assessment to get their ReadySCORE — our estimate of what they’d get on the CPA exam. In addition, learners receive a detailed performance diagnostic report.

Diagnostic report information

Student assessment

Comprehensive breakdown of individual’s strengths and weaknesses

Comparative analysis

Analysis of their ReadySCORE™ results as compared to others’

Performance projection

Estimation of the time required for individual to complete studies and pass the exam

ReadyPASS is unique in the market — no other CPA exam review course provider offers an accurate, thorough and actionable exam diagnostic tool like this.

For individuals seeking careers in finance, passing the CPA, CMA, CISA, EA, SIE or CIA exam is a major milestone. But because professional exams are new territory, it can be a challenge knowing if you’re truly ready. With ReadyPASS, individuals understand their level of preparedness and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from seeing their ReadySCORE increase as their course progresses. Here’s how it works.

Establish baseline knowledge

Individuals bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to their learning. A pre-study assessment shows them their current competencies and where they need to improve. For many, this is their first opportunity to benchmark their industry knowledge alongside others.

Access a customized study plan

After they’ve completed the assessment, students begin a curated journey customized to include specific content areas. The course reduces areas of demonstrated proficiency over time, focusing on areas of need.

Know when to schedule your exam

Colleges and universities run on specific semester schedules. A failed exam might mean students won’t be able to repeat an exam as soon as they’d like. ReadyPASS lets individuals know when they can expect to be exam-ready, allowing them to plan accordingly. Individuals can compare their ReadySCORE to others who have already passed.

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