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Enrolled Agent Review Premier Pass Upgrade (Essentials)

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Enrolled Agent Review Premier Pass Features

  • Proprietary A.S.A.P. Technology
  • Over 80% Pass Rate
  • 1,800+ Mulitiple Choice Questions- With Full Text Answers
  • Up-To-Date IRS Publications- Built Into the Software
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • ReadySCORE
  • Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Compatible
  • FREE Automatic Content Updates
  • Pass Guarantee
Exclusive to EA Review Premier Pass:
  • Unlimited Course Access 'Til You Pass
  • 25+ bite-sized videos

Available to current Surgent EA Review customers only. Upgrade from Essentials Pass to Premier Pass to take advantage of videos and unlimited access! Surgent EA Review (formerly known as Exam Matrix EA Exam review) is powered by a proprietary adaptive learning software, A.S.A.P. Technology, which identifies your level of comprehension across all exam content areas, and generates daily study plans that are targeted to the areas you need to focus on. The result? You'll pass the EA Exam faster while studying less.
Register for a free trial and see for yourself why so many accounting professionals choose Surgent to prepare for and pass their exams.

Experience a review that’s completely customized to you. With Surgent EA Review, you’ll be fully equipped to ace the EA Exam, while studying half the time as the other guys! By leveraging A.S.A.P. Technology to identify your level of comprehension by topic, study material is tailored to improving weaker spots, instead of wasting time on what you already know.

Combine that with a ReadySCORE and unlimited practice exams, and the result? Unparalleled preparedness, confidence, and performance.
Our revolutionary adaptive learning technology has helped students:

Focus on weak areas – and turn them into strengths!
Significantly reduce study time – half the time as the competition!
Increase pass rates – Over 80%!

Assessment Phase

Complete a series of quizzes for our software to accurately assess your knowledge across all EA Exam topics.

Answer 150 questions – enough for the adaptive software to get an accurate read of your performance in each subject area.

Competitors claim to be adaptive – Buy many don’t test. Those that do ask 20-25 questions at most. What good does that do?

Study Phase

The adaptive software then creates a custom study plan based on the results of your assessment, as well as real Enrolled Agent Exam topic weightings and ongoing study session results.

A.S.A.P. Technology Our award-winning, proprietary adaptive learning software. You won’t find anything else like this on the market!

Real-time algorithms ensure that daily study material is always up-to-date with your progress, so study material is always targeted to those content areas you need to focus on.
The integrated Study Planner tool – helps you determine exactly how many hours you’ll need to devote to preparing for the EA exam based on your exam date, chosen study days, and mastery of material.

The Daily Surge dashboard – Your EA study material lineup, made up of Q&A and reading material.

Review Phase

Round out your preparation by turning your focus to the final stage of studying: full practice exams.

Unlimited practice tests – so you can go into the exam fully prepared!

ReadySCORE – indicate performance, so know exactly when you’re ready to take the Enrolled Agent Exam!

Sit - And Pass

Go into the exam confident that you’ve been prepared by the most effective review software on the market.

  • Surgent EA Review students have a pass rate of over 80%!
You'll Pass. We Guarantee It
Read More about our Pass Guarantee here!

"I’ve tried other test prep courses and found this to be the best, most flexible, comprehensive, easy to understand out of all of them."
Mark M.
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