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Introducing CPArescue™ – the ultimate solution for students who have previously struggled to pass the CPA Exam

Powered by Surgent’s state-of-the-art adaptive learning software, A.S.A.P.® Technology, CPArescue™ creates personalized study programs that address the individual needs of each student. Our cutting-edge technology identifies knowledge gaps and creates study plans that are geared toward closing them.

This allows our students to save up to a staggering 400 hours of study time while achieving an impressive 92% pass rate*. But that’s not all – CPArescue™ includes six one-on-one coaching sessions with a highly experienced CPA Exam expert who will guide you through your studies and ensure your success.

With mobile-friendly access and over 8,200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), 400+ task-based and document review simulations, and 350+ “bite-sized” videos focused on specific topics, CPArescue™ is the ultimate CPA Exam Review experience. Don’t let previous failures hold you back – sign up for CPArescue™ today and transform your CPA journey from struggle to success.

*92% pass rate based on students who achieve a ReadySCORE of 75 or more across all content groups, topics, and question types.


CPArescue Pass Includes:
Essential Pass Features + Coaching

  • Full 4-part review course, 100% aligned with AICPA blueprints
  • Award-winning adaptive learning technology (+option to switch to linear course)
  • Access that never expires (+free automatic content updates)
  • 8,200 MCQs, 400+ simulations, 350+ nano-sized video lectures
  • ReadySCORE™ exam-readiness indicator 
  • E-books & lecture study notes for all 4 exam sections
  • Customized study plans that adapt to you, saving up to 400 hours of study time
  • Mobile flashcard app with terms & definitions for all 4 exam sections
  • (6) 1-on-1 virtual coaching from a CPA Exam expert.
    • The sessions will be distributed as follows:
      • 3 coaching sessions for Section 1.
      • 3 coaching sessions distributed among Sections 2, 3, and 4.
      • You will define with your coach the order in which you will take the sections of the exam.
      • Each coaching session lasts 30 minutes.
  • Course access until you pass the CPA Exam 
  • Study Companion App 
  • Unlimited Practice Exams 
  • Ultimate customer and technical support 
  • 100% pass guarantee

    Eligibility requirements: Students must be able to verify proof of purchase of at least $750 (full course) to receive discount. Failure to provide proof of purchase may result in being charged the difference between discounted and full price and/or loss of course access. A Surgent team member will follow up with you within three days of purchase to request verification.

Additional information

Six 1-on-1 coaching sessions

30-minute virtual coaching from a CPA Exam expert


exam-readiness indicator that updates in real time

Mobile flashcard app

with terms & definitions for all 4 exam sections

Unlimited course access

we're with you until you pass

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Cristine K. (Los Angeles, CA, US)

CPA Review Ultimate Pass

Kingborn G. (Houston, TX, US)

CPA Review Ultimate Pass

Celestin D. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
My Impression

For work purposes I did not really deep into the study, but what I have already noted is that the ready is hard because there is no way to highlight what I have already read, which makes it hard to makes. I am really not comfortable with this. Is there an option to upgrade the subscription on the way?

Paul v.d.S. (Vancouver, BC, CA)

CPA Review Essentials Pass

Arianny L.A.C. (San Juan, PR)

CPA Review Textbook: Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)

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