Red Flag Mania Season 1



Red Flag Mania is a simulation-based learning experience that uses multimedia storytelling (in the forms of text, videos, graphics, audio) to appeal to various learning styles. Learners are placed in the midst of an investigation and asked to follow the clues to solve a case.

Watch a film, review evidence and solve the crime. It’s active, engaging, and fun!

In Season One, you’ll hone your skills in three key areas: in our Ethics Dash, Audit Challenge and Fraud Scheme Hunt. In this true-crime narrative, you must follow clues and find the culprit, reflect on ethical decision-making, assess internal control weaknesses and determine risk. No need to be an expert on sleuthing – this platform is exciting, rewarding and rigorous.

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We’ve partnered with Red Flag Mania to provide case-based, “whodunnit” mysteries that challenge learners to solve complex problems. Gamified learning enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills as learners find clues and hunt for red flags. These interactive courses debunk the theory that fraud, audit, and tax skills can only be taught in a traditional fashion. Instead, Red Flag Mania is engaging and teaches real-world skills in an innovative, multi-media learning experience.

Get hands-on experience with a unique, gamified learning experience that empowers professionals and students like you to identify fraud red flags. Instead of reading about tactics, you’re placed in the center of a real-life situation (through film and interactive evidence) as you are tasked with solving the crime… Can you get to the bottom of it?

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Who Should Take This Course?

Entry-level and early-career accounting professionals will definitely benefit from this learning experience. Plus, any accountant looking to:
– Improve ethical decision-making skills
– Enhance understanding of professional skepticism
– Improve ability to detect and identify fraud schemes 

Is RFM accredited?

Yes! Each series is between 2 and 5 credit hours.

Why should I take RFM?

Experiential learning improves critical-thinking skills and enhances decision-making skills.

Ethics Dash

  • Apply the fraud triangle to identify the perpetrator
  • Recognize fraudulent transactions
  • Assess internal control weaknesses
  • Identify red flags within the organization

Audit Challenge

  • Understand the importance of professional skepticism
  • Recommend policies to strengthen internal control policies

Fraud Scheme Hunt

  • Identify and define various fraud schemes
  • Discuss the importance of segregation of duties

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